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Siemens and Shanghai information technology school jointly build a joint demonstration and training center of automation technology

on May 8, 2009, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. industrial automation and drive technology group in the industrial business field and Shanghai Information 247 geotechnical engineering technology school held a grand signing ceremony in the school. At the "joint demonstration and training center of automation technology", Siemens will provide a lot of funds and technical support to cooperate with the school, This is an important step to promote continuing education and innovation activities in Shanghai. Mr. Lin bin, general manager of Siemens (China) industrial automation and drive technology group in East China, Ms. Wang Xiangqun, director of Vocational and Adult Education Department of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Mr. Huang Deheng, vice president of Shanghai Huayi (Group) company, and representatives of the school attended the signing ceremony. Representatives of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission also attended the signing ceremony and communicated with representatives of Siemens to express their attention to the signing ceremony. This major project has also attracted the attention of many media and television stations

"cooperate and support China to cultivate a world-class automation and drive technology team" is Siemens' most important strategy. As early as 2002, Siemens set up a special Siemens Automation education cooperation project, which takes cultivating talents and helping education as its own responsibility, and actively cooperates with universities and vocational education institutions to cultivate high-quality engineering application-oriented talents. After five years of efforts, Siemens has established cooperative relations at different levels with more than 50 colleges and vocational colleges across the country. The automation technology demonstration and training center is the first project of Siemens in the field of secondary vocational education in China, and it is also a strategic cooperation project of Siemens in the combination of industry, University and research

the demonstration training center covers an area of 1500 square meters, and its internal automatic control equipment adopts the most reliable and widely used industrial products of Siemens, including electrical control system, separable flexible manufacturing line control system, numerical control servo training system, control valve adjustment system, automatic instrument training system, safety training control system, etc. Siemens provides technical data, automatic control equipment and objects of related products, technical support of training teachers, and Shanghai Information Technology School provides teaching and training venues, basic training conditions, formulate training plans, and organize training courses. The project is expected to be completed in March, 2010

in addition to the training center, the school enterprise cooperation project signed this time will also reach a long-term agreement on teacher training and textbook construction, and promote continuing education and innovative activities. Mr. Lin bin, general manager of Siemens (China) industrial automation and drive technology group in East China, said: with the continuous expansion of the application field of automation control products, the level of automation control technology has also developed rapidly. As a world-famous automation solution provider, Siemens gives full play to its technological leading edge in its professional field, through "All government processes provide solutions for automation control in different industries through the establishment of a knowledge dissemination center for the combination of industry, University and research, practical engineering talent training, training and teaching and other technical support. Mr. Wu Xianwei, President of Shanghai Information Technology School, said that school enterprise cooperation is an important measure for the school to improve the talent training mode and improve the quality of education and teaching. Through the effective combination of school enterprise resources, a large number of high-quality products will be delivered to enterprises Quality talents. Finally, both sides also expressed their concern about this project. Siemens industrial automation and drive technology group will also work together with Shanghai information technology school to work for automation education in China

the establishment of the training center provides a more perfect experimental platform for teachers and students of Shanghai information technology school. In the national food safety standard, food contact materials are called "food related products", which meets the needs of teaching and scientific research tasks. It is expected to establish a long-term strategic partnership with Shanghai information technology school by assisting Shanghai information technology school to improve the teaching experimental environment and providing help for teacher training and textbook construction. An'an precision aluminum industry settled in Jiangnan Industrial Concentration Area in 2015. At the same time, we also hope that the outstanding graduates of Shanghai information technology school can take Siemens as a step towards higher goals. This is a good start for in-depth cooperation and an important milestone in the automation field. Siemens is also looking forward to further cooperation with more schools

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