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Siemens acceleration: "old foreign investors" find new opportunities

editor's note: Hao Ruiqiang said that at present, it is Siemens' acceleration period in China. "And we call the current stage from 2005 to (2) about the planning and construction of the city's trade logistics park as the '2010 acceleration plan'

" we firmly believe that China is a very important market for Siemens, and we will definitely have more investment in this market in the future. " On September 17, Dr. Richard Hausmann, CEO of Siemens Northeast Asia and President and CEO of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., expressed his expectations for the Chinese market

have confidence in the Chinese market

"as for investment, even in the environment of economic crisis, we still firmly believe that the current investment is for better development in the future. We are very confident in the Chinese market, so Siemens wants to invest here." Hao Ruiqiang said

he just returned from a trip to an old car, driving his 60 year old old car all the way from Germany to China in more than a month. "I want to take this opportunity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China with China." Hao Ruiqiang said. He also said that Siemens was very clear about its future investment plan in China, but could not disclose more details at this time

use of hydraulic jaws of Jinan gold testing machine

previously, Siemens added 1.35 billion yuan to its medium-term investment of 10billion yuan in China to expand its production scale in the field of alternative energy in the next three years. Moreover, by 2010, Siemens will invest 5billion yuan of its investment in Central China in the field of technological innovation related to energy conservation and environmental protection

Hao Ruiqiang said that China has now become Siemens' second largest overseas market, and it is also the cornerstone of Siemens' global business

at present, it is the acceleration period of Siemens in China, said Hao Ruiqiang. "We call the stage from 2005 to the present as the '2010 acceleration plan' stage," he said. "For example, Siemens has made great progress in sales and order volume in the past four years, with an increase of 20% or twice the GDP. Last year, Siemens participated in the construction of the Olympic Games, and the order volume reached 1.1 billion euros, and it strengthened coordination and cooperation with Malaysia in the international negotiations on climate change."

the beginning of this acceleration period coincides with the time when Hao Ruiqiang is fully responsible for Siemens' business activities in China. At the beginning of 2005, Hao Ruiqiang came to China to take up his new position and made a commitment to double China's performance. Only two years later, this promise was fulfilled

according to Siemens' financial reports in recent years, Siemens' sales in China have increased steadily since 2004. In 2006, its sales increased from 21 billion yuan in 2004 to 40.2 billion yuan. Last year, Siemens' sales in China reached 57billion yuan

at present, according to Siemens' preliminary systematic analysis of the economic stimulus plans of countries around the world, Siemens will receive about 20billion yuan of orders in China's economic stimulus plan

add "environmental protection" and "rural"

for Siemens, the Chinese market is now second only to the United States. It is an important task for Siemens China to further consolidate its position in this market and maintain the momentum of rapid performance growth. To this end, Siemens China's business focus is tilted towards energy conservation and environmental protection, rural areas, local innovation and other fields, in order to further penetrate the Chinese market

according to Siemens' 2008 financial report, among all market performances, Siemens China is particularly bright. In fiscal year 2008, its sales and new orders increased by 19%, while the new orders in the U.S. market increased by only 5%, and the sales were the same as that of the previous fiscal year

in the Chinese market, Siemens chose to bet on "environmental protection" and "rural areas". At the press conference of Siemens China for fiscal year 2008, Hao Ruiqiang said that Siemens China would strengthen its environmental business portfolio and comply with China's green goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. He believed that energy conservation and environmental protection would be the pillar of Siemens' business growth in the next few years. It was estimated that 40% of the company's new orders would come from the environmental portfolio business by 2010

Hao Ruiqiang said that this year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China. The 60th year is a good time to look back on the past and look forward to the future. Siemens firmly believes in China's prosperity, but also sees several major challenges facing China, such as environmental change and urbanization. "Siemens' green energy-saving and environmental protection solutions will help China better meet and face these challenges." He said

on the other hand, Siemens has this understanding about entering the rural market. "For a market like China, there is a very high-end demand. At the same time, there is also a developing market, which is the rural market," Hao Ruiqiang said. "The rural market has great prospects for development, such as in the medical field."

according to Siemens Medical Group, Siemens' plan of "new rural medical demonstration center" tailored for China's rural market is in progress, and the first demonstration center has been completed in Luochuan County, Shaanxi Province. This plan will be built into a medical equipment solution with Chinese characteristics and promoted in rural areas of China

according to the plan of this project, Siemens will equip medical institutions at all levels in Luochuan County with different medical equipment and a variety of rural medical solutions. These equipment and solutions are designed for the needs of small and rural hospitals in industrial clusters with the characteristics of high-end chemical new materials

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