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Siemens and Funing Lane Primary School in Hangzhou jointly held the "Siemens Science Popularization Education Day"

recently, the "Siemens Science Popularization Education Day" activity officially kicked off in Funing Lane Primary School in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. As a model of successful cooperation between multinational enterprises and local schools, this project aims to further promote the development of the next generation of science popularization education in China

on the day of "science and technology day", the organizers carried out a series of activities involving education and entertainment. In addition to the visit to "jiangzhuying science and Technology Museum", "Siemens future science and technology star" challenge competition and student science and technology works exhibition, educational expert lectures were also held. At the same time, Siemens also announced on the same day to donate "Siemens exploration box" to the primary school to stimulate pupils' interest in science and technology. This "science and technology day" activity once again demonstrates Siemens' commitment to deeply participate in and contribute to science popularization education in China under the global project of "Siemens ignites the future"

as a leading electronic and electrical company in the world, Siemens has strong strength in technological innovation. Siemens firmly believes that education is one of the most important pillars of building a harmonious society, and has always been fully committed to contributing to China's education and sustainable development by making full use of its global resources. The discovery box donated by Siemens a few days ago reflects the typical advanced teaching mode of "teaching in fun". The Siemens exploration box is composed of two wooden boxes, "energy and electricity" and "environment and health". The design of the theme also conforms to the two hot topics in the world today. Young schoolchildren can flexibly use the inner parts of the box to complete more than 20 experiments in the above fields. The two purposes of Siemens' exploration box in 2008 are to stimulate young children's interest in science and technology, and encourage teachers to guide children to pay attention to global trends through "playing" simple experiments

as a pioneer who pays attention to popular science education, Funing Lane Primary School is the most ideal partner to accept Siemens' exploration box. The school is also the only primary school in Zhejiang province that has established its own science and Technology Museum, which was opened to the public in January 2008. The cooperation between Siemens and funingxiang primary school follows one of the main work goals of Zhejiang Provincial Education Bureau in 2008 - to vigorously carry out popular science education and take the road of harmonious development

Mr. wangweiguo, vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Siemens Zhejiang branch, said after presenting the award to the winner of "Siemens future science and technology star": "We are very happy to hold the 'Siemens Science Popularization Education Day' with Funing Lane Primary School, and work hard to promote the common vision of the development of science popularization education for young children. It is the greatest reward for us to see children enjoying themselves so much in today's' science feast '. Moreover, it is particularly important that, as interested corporate citizens, Siemens can work together with local education experts today to provide our children with We feel very honored to help you create a brilliant future. "

being an excellent corporate citizen is one of Siemens' core values. Siemens actively controls the social and environmental impacts of its activities and works with local communities, government departments and other major stakeholders to achieve long-term development. All corporate citizenship activities of Siemens are implemented through its two major projects "Siemens care together" and "Siemens ignite the future". "Siemens care together" includes volunteer services, social welfare and disaster relief, while "Siemens ignites the future" includes educational activities for pre-school, primary and secondary schools and universities to help future scientists and engineers. The "Siemens Science Popularization Education Day" project is an integral part of "Siemens ignites the future". Siemens' corporate citizenship behavior has been widely recognized by the society, and has won a number of awards and honors, such as the "syncure XLPE: a two-step silane crosslinked polyethylene material (XLPE) Guangming public benefit Award" selected by Guangming for three consecutive years

Siemens in China

Siemens is a deeply loved and respected corporate citizen in China. Its cooperation with China can be traced back to 1872, when Siemens provided China with the first pointer telegraph. The company has witnessed the great changes brought about by China's reform and opening up, and is very proud to become a loyal and reliable partner in China's economic development. All businesses of Siemens have been active in China, including automation and control, power, transportation, medical treatment, information 1. Overload and overspeed are strictly prohibited, and the use of machine information and communication, lighting and household appliances are stipulated. As a supplier of infrastructure construction and industrial solutions, its core business is mainly concentrated in three areas: energy and environmental protection, industrial and public infrastructure construction, and medical treatment. So far, Siemens has established more than 90 operating enterprises and regional offices in 60 cities in China. This regional organizational structure allows the company to better grasp the pulse of the market, understand local information, and more effectively meet the needs of customers. With more than 50000 high-quality employees, Siemens is one of the foreign-invested enterprises with the largest number of employees in China. The company has long been committed to becoming an integral part of China's economy. By continuing to expand investment, strengthening local R & D and software development, and expanding local procurement activities, the company will ensure the rapid development of its business in China

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