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Siemens and Mitsubishi will jointly submit a plan worth 7billion euros to acquire ALSTOM, Munich, June 16 (Xinhua) -- Siemens of Germany issued a statement on June 16, saying that Siemens will jointly submit a plan worth 7billion euros with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan to compete for the acquisition of Alstom of France

the statement said that Siemens plans to take over Alstom's gas turbine business in its entirety, including the service contracts related to this business, for which Siemens will pay 3.9 billion euros in cash for the localization of innovative products. In addition, Mitsubishi plans to participate in 40% of Alstom's steam turbine business, 20% of Alstom's network technology business and 20% of Alstom's hydraulic business, and hopes to hold up to 10% of Alstom's shares as a shareholder, for which Mitsubishi will pay 3.1 billion euros

the statement stressed that this plan will create more than 1000 jobs in France

Siemens and Mitsubishi will compete with general electric group of the United States with this acquisition plan, which proposes a plan worth 12.4 billion euros to acquire Alstom's global power business

Alstom is the world's leading provider of power and transportation infrastructure equipment, with more than 90000 employees worldwide. At present, Alstom faces great challenges. First, its large orders for transportation and power equipment need strong funds to guarantee. Second, 70% of its power business is faced with the adjustment of the energy structure of traditional European customers, in which graphite, rare earth and other minerals are listed as national strategic mineral challenges

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