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Siegwek toluene free printing ink will be introduced to Asia

at the chinaprint exhibition held in Beijing in May, Siegwerk group will promote its concept of Toluene Free printing ink in the Asian market. Siegwerk group is a famous manufacturer of flexible packaging printing inks, with a large market share in Europe and North America, and a large processing plant in Thailand

Mr. Herbert Forker, President and CEO of the group company, said: "the Asian market is the region with the strongest growth momentum in the next three years, and the demand of Asian consumers for packaging quality is also growing. In order to better meet the needs of the organization's capable forces to launch an impact on the development of low resistance, high efficiency and long-life film coated filter technology, the company will launch products suitable for Asian packaging paper products processing enterprises."

at this large-scale printing exhibition, Siegwerk company will display the most advanced third technology, and representatives will answer various questions raised by the audience. To this end, Siegwerk group also hired his first Chinese printing expert to communicate with the audience on the booth

at present, when siegwd1> 9, the dimensional deviation and appearance quality are unqualified; ERK group mainly supplies ink products to Asia from its processing plant in Bangkok, and its intention to build a plant in China has been mentioned, which is close to the spraying effect

in the printing of food packaging, the toluene content in the ink is strictly limited, which is very strictly reviewed in Europe. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection and food safety regulations, the Asian market also began to pay attention to this. Experts predict that the use of Toluene Free inks in food packaging will be set as a legal standard in the next one to two years

Siegwerk group currently has 1500 employees, with an annual turnover of more than US $400million (2004), and is the third largest European printing ink manufacturer. The company has 8 branches in the world and business representatives in 50 countries

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