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Sidel K will exhibit a series of innovative products: ultra light PET bottles (large or small bottles) for packaging liquid drinks at the upcoming Duesseldorf K Exhibition on the release of harmful materials contained in auto parts and interior decoration materials (October 2007); A new blow molding machine with low or high speed and an automatic blow molding control system

as a PET packaging expert, Sidel has been adhering to the innovation of packaging technology and equipment in the past 40 years to meet the challenges of efficient equipment in the liquid food packaging industry. At this exhibition, Sidel will display three environmentally friendly bottle designs realized by its unique technology: nobottle only weighs 50cl ultra light bottle, a 1-liter German reprap with family capacity, which explained that the weight of a 0-liter bottle is only 140g, and a bottle made of PLA to contain edible oil

in addition, Sidel will launch two new blow molding machines to expand the production scale of the blow molding machine, and will launch an automatic blow molding process control system called equinox

in terms of customer service, Sidel provides a mobile remote help system to enhance the existing technology

ultra light nobottle, an exciting water packaging pet solution

nobottle combines the record weight of a 500ml bottle weighing only 9.9g with a charming design that can not only attract the public eye, but also minimize the impact on the environment. The average weight of water bottles of the same size is g, compared with that of nobottle, which reduces the weight by 25% and 40%, thereby reducing the recycled materials. The breakthrough of nobottle is mainly due to a new technology called flex. This flexible technology uses the shape memory method, which provides the possibility of producing light bottles, creates the freedom to shape arbitrary bottle shapes, and makes industrial scale production possible. At the exhibition, we will use sbo24 high-speed machine to produce nobottle sample bottles

sbo24xshighspeed and sbo2xlcompactbroadband blow molding equipment series

these two new blow molding equipment will be officially added to sbohighspeedptmp and sbocompactptmp series. These new machines are also developed on the basis of Sidel's sbouniversalptmp technology

-sbo24xshighspeed is designed to produce small containers for static liquids and taosuan beverages. The small capacity packaging market (less than 700ml) is developing rapidly with a growth rate of more than 60% worldwide. Sidel has developed a machine configuration that specifically serves such markets, including a whole production line capable of producing 40000 to 46000 bottles per hour

-sbo2xlcompact machine is used to produce PET bottles with a capacity of up to 10 liters. It is mainly aimed at producing 5 to 10 liters of water and edible oil bottles. The output rate of this machine per hour can reach 2400 bottles for the filter with infarct instigator, and ensure 95% production efficiency

equinox: blow molding process automatic control system

equinox is the first blow molding process automatic control system installed in the rotary blow molding machine. It can monitor and adjust the quality of bottles in the production process, so as to avoid destructive sampling inspection. Equinox controls the quality of the bottle by measuring the weight of the bottom of the bottle. If there is any deviation from the set weight, it will be corrected by adjusting the blow molding parameters, and the intermediate machine does not need to stop. This ensures maximum productivity. Equinox system is especially effective in the production of light bottles, because this production process is particularly sensitive to the deviation of material distribution

(production line remote expert support system) provides remote support and technical training

Sidel developed a remote support and training system that enhances existing technology. This mobile system allows Sidel experts to help customers through remote control in the process of equipment maintenance or complex maintenance. By using a variety of mobile devices, including binaural headphones, viewfinder, camera, microphone and central data transmission device, customer technicians can share information in the real working environment with Sidel experts. The technician can receive visual and voice information in real time to assist him in performing complex tasks. The system shows our company's best service enthusiasm for customers within a reasonable cost range, and can also be used to train technicians remotely

Sidel is one of the world's leading suppliers of liquid packaging equipment, with 5300 employees around the world, and is a part of tetra Laval group. Sidel booth at Dusseldorf K Exhibition: Hall 13, B89

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