The hottest sidewalk with long thorns instantly cr

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A long "thorn" on the sidewalk instantly created a "chilled sparerib soup"

sparerib soup sprinkled all over the ground

it's cold in the past two days, and it's a very "painful" thing to go out. Yesterday, Mr. Tao, a citizen living in Liuhe District, encountered something more depressing than the cold: when he was carrying the steaming spareribs soup to his family in hospital, he was injured by "hidden weapons" on the way, and the spareribs soup instantly became "frozen". Mr. Tao, who came from nowhere, called the police immediately

I fell down on the way to the hospital carrying sparerib soup

it turned out that Mr. Tao's family was ill and admitted to Liuhe people's hospital not long ago. Yesterday, he bought chops early in the morning and stewed a pot of chops soup, ready to be sent to the hospital

at 11:00 a.m., he went to the hospital with a heat preservation bucket containing sparerib soup. Unexpectedly, when he walked to the sidewalk opposite the hospital gate, he tripped under his feet on something on the road. He fell a big somersault, fell 2 meters away, and the heat preservation bucket with sparerib soup in his hand was thrown out at once. Looking up, a pot of stewed pork ribs soup completely spilled out, and immediately "iced"

Mr. Tao, who got up from the ground, was in pain. After he calmed down, he looked carefully and found that the bolt that tripped him just now under his feet. 2. If the upper and lower limit switches were not adjusted to the appropriate position, it turned out to be a raised bolt more than 10 cm high. Take a closer look, there are two around

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how can there be these protruding bolts on a good sidewalk? In order to prevent other passers-by from being injured, Mr. Tao hurriedly called the police

it was all caused by bolts. Warning signs had been set up.

when they arrived at the scene, the police of Liuhe Xiongzhou police station were looking for Mr. Tao, the policeman, to understand the situation. It was found that there was soil left on Mr. Tao's pants when he fell to the ground. There was indeed a raised bolt on the road under his feet, which was as high as the upper of his shoes, and there were several similarly raised bolts on the road next to him

7. It is not allowed to dismantle and reverse the metallographic microscope insulation barrel casually, and the sparerib soup is scattered on the ground. The glove in Mr. Tao's hand fell and was worn through a hole in the road

the auxiliary police on duty at one side of the intersection said that in the previous stage, when demolition was carried out here, the bolts should be used by the construction unit to set fences. After the demolition, the construction unit should be "careless" and did not remove these bolts originally used to fix fences on the ground

an enthusiastic citizen said, "two passers-by have tripped this morning. The first is also a man. After tripping, he was in a hurry to get up and left with a fire. The boy who delivered the meal fell heavily, fell a big somersault, and slowly climbed up and sat up after 5 minutes."

because it was Sunday, the police asked Tao to go to the hospital for examination or paste it with ointment, keep the invoice, and they will contact the demolition contractor for compensation the next day

the police then put warning signs near the road with bolts to remind passers-by. The auxiliary police also found a sledgehammer to smash all the three bolts protruding on the road surface of this section, eliminating potential safety hazards

Lawyer Liu Junjie of a law firm in Jiangsu province believes that citizens' right to life and health is protected by law, and the perpetrator should bear the infringement according to law if he infringes on others' right to life and health due to fault. In this incident, during the construction process, the bolts obstructing the passage were placed on the public access road, and they were not removed in time or barricades were set up at a safe distance, causing pedestrians to trip and get injured. This behavior has violated the right to life and health of pedestrians. If this leads to 5: regularly check the screws and nails at the jaw to hurt people, then the installer should bear compensation

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