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Sidel unveils the mystery of combi machine

the new combi eurotronica fm-c machine launched by Sidel has enhanced many performances, and has been characterized by high speed, accurate filling, flexibility and easy disassembly. This new combi machine for carbonated beverages combines sideltm bottle blowing technology with simonazzitm volumetric flowmeter filling technology. Since the combination of Sidel and simonnai aims to control the integration trend of information technology and equipment manufacturing industry, how to make the perfect combination of the two technologies has become the goal of the newly established Sidel Group. After nine months of efforts, the design departments of the two companies jointly developed and designed this new combi machine for carbonated drinks. On a single device, combi eurotronica fm-c combines the bottle blowing technology of SBO universaltm with the filling technology of simonazzitm volumetric flowmeter to achieve a high yield of 61200 bottles per hour. This new combi eurotronica fm-c equipment inherits the professional experience and excellent technology of simonnai in the filling field. So far, its predecessor eurotronica fm-c filling machine has sold more than 50 units. The device has many remarkable features. Each flowmeter measuring the filling capacity has its own printed circuit board to control the opening and closing of the filling valve, and maintains continuous communication with the central controller of the equipment through infrared technology. This enables accurate filling, fast and continuous data transmission, and fast sending of filling settings to the filling valve. The combi machine also integrates the latest technology of Sidel. For example, let the bottle lose weight so that it can adopt the new petal shaped bottle bottom design; The pressure of the bottle blank blowing process in the mold is reduced to 28 bar, thereby reducing energy consumption. Another technological progress is reflected in the shorter bottle type conversion time, which can meet the needs of bottlers for more functionality. Finally, com realizes closed-loop control and constant stress loading. The filling part of Bi eurotronica fm-c equipment is also equipped with a combi shell separated from the equipment frame, which improves its disassembly and maintenance performance. Perfect equipment series This equipment for carbonated beverages is a powerful complement to Sidel's combi series of equipment, which previously had combi equipment for non aerated beverages, sensitive fillers, edible oils, sauces, detergents and other liquids. By the end of 2006, the company will sell more than 200 side combi machines. This series of equipment can be equipped with 6 to 34 bottle blowing molds with servo system to achieve a production rate of 10000 to 61200 bottles per hour. The combi eurotronica fm-c model caused a great sensation after its launch in August 2006. Large food industry group companies have shown great interest in this new equipment. Sidel Group is a major supplier of liquid food packaging equipment in the world, and its products are composed of five brands: the world leading side plastic bottle blowing equipment; Simonazzitm filling equipment; Gebotm transmission equipment; Alfatm labeling machine and cermextm production line back-end equipment. Sidel Group has a total of 5000 employees worldwide, which are owned by Tetra Pak Laval group. Reprinted from: packaging Expo

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