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Siemens 24V siyoung industrial power supply

Siemens launched a new 24V siyoung series industrial power supply to speed up the construction of a market-oriented green manufacturing evaluation mechanism. Supervised by German quality standards, it complies with all relevant European standards and has passed CE certification. This series of power supply has a compact metal shell design, and the thickness is only 50mm. Adhering to the high-quality and humanized characteristics of Siemens products, this series of power supplies can be installed with screws on three different sides of the power supply due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory according to different design spaces, with high power density, which effectively saves the design space of customers' products and facilitates customers to use the power supply in different occasions. The efficiency is up to 90%. Before natural cooling, it can be used in harsh environments with temperatures up to +70 ° C

provide short test system software developed with LabVIEW, including three main functions: real-time display of test data, real-time calculation of time domain eigenvalues, and real-time storage of data files The set tacit vibration data collection parameters are as follows: the sampling frequency is 25.6khz, the data length is 204800 points, the data storage interval is 1min, and considering the long duration of the experiment, when the data collection file exceeds 2G, the system will automatically create a new data file In addition, the temperature signal will be stored according to the time interval of saving a group of data every 10min The effective value and temperature value information of each group of vibration data will be displayed in the main interface Circuit protection, overload protection and overheat protection, automatic recovery, ensure that the power supply has high reliability, and the MTBF is more than onemillion hours. Four modules with 2.5A, 4a, 6a and 12a current output can ensure stable DC current for all 24V loads with power up to 300W. The module can be expanded in parallel or hot standby in parallel. Therefore, siyoung power supply is generally used in almost all 24V applications

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