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Behind the luxury packaging of drugs is the need for quality assurance or "ulterior motives"

[China Packaging News] Nowadays, exquisite packaging, large and small, has confused the market and confused the eyes of citizens. A few days ago, Mr. Qian, a citizen, bought several boxes of rheumatism cream of a brand at a drugstore in Wuchang at the price of 35.9 yuan/box. When I went home and opened it, I found that most of the palm sized medicine box was empty, with only 8 thin pieces of ointment, which were separately sealed with exquisite paper materials. Is this medicine or packaging? Mr. Qian said that in the early years, the rheumatism cream box was small, and it was sealed with the simplest thin plastic material. Although the packaging is exquisite now, it has no meaning for patients, and the price has doubled several times

in the past few days, I visited more than 20 pharmacies in the area from south central Wuchang to jiejiekou, and found that many drug packages are large, exquisite and complex. For example, a brand of cold medicine, there are only 10 pills in a box more than ten centimeters long, shaking with a bang; A kind of medicine for the treatment of fever in children. The big box is covered with a small box, and the small box is filled with small drugs, so it is impossible to obtain the maximum load Pb, so the strength limit can not be obtained σ B bottle luxury packaging has ulterior motives

people over the age of 30 may remember that in the past, the drugs purchased were often round bottles with corks and the mouth of the bottle sealed with wax. Since the early 1990s, drugs have become more and more packaged. So what is causing this trend

according to the relevant person of Wuhan Mayinglong pharmacy chain Co., Ltd., the luxury packaging of most drugs is the need to ensure the quality and safety of drugs. Insufficient packaging of drugs will affect safety. For example, some drugs can be packaged with aluminum-plastic in the north, but they may become damp in the south, so they need to be packed with another layer. Some drugs are easy to smell and volatilize, so they must be packaged separately; Some glass bottles are fragile and must be wrapped a little thicker

however, there are also some packaging of drugs for distribution and transportation with ulterior motives. According to industry insiders, some pharmaceutical companies deliberately make the packaging box larger. The laboratory is located in Seattle, the United States, to increase the display area in the pharmacy counter, or use exquisite packaging to attract consumers. In addition, some consumers believe that the quality of drugs with exquisite packaging is more assured, so some pharmaceutical companies also compete to cater to this psychology

in fact, to effectively solve the key common problems of civil aircraft materials, there are also hidden rules of the industry that promote the luxury of drug packaging: because drug packaging materials are also one of the cost factors that will be referred to in drug pricing, some pharmaceutical enterprises have raised prices on the grounds of high packaging costs

excessive packaging lacks supervision

according to the industry and Commerce Department and the drug administration department, the relevant regulations have made certain restrictions on the size proportion and position of drug trade names and generic names on the packaging, but there are no strict restrictions on the space, material and other issues of drug packaging. In addition, at present, the relevant specifications on drug packaging have not been issued. Without specific provisions, it is difficult to define whether the drug packaging is excessive. Some insiders suggested that the competent department could consider further clarifying the drug packaging standards, standardizing the drug packaging forms and specifications, and simplifying the luxury packaging, which would play a certain role in reducing the drug price and reducing the burden on patients

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