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Siemens' 102 standard transmission product technology exchange meetings have been successfully concluded

---- September in golden autumn is crisp and sunny. Siemens' standard drive Department has successfully held 102 product technology exchange meetings by September 9, 2005

---- spring is blooming and autumn is fruitful. Since October, 2004, we have carried out technical exchange activities for standard transmission products in 60 cities in the five regions of North China, Northeast China, East China, South China and southwest. A total of 4245 users, partners and system integrators of standard transmission products from all over the country, as well as relevant engineering and technical personnel, participated in the exchange meeting. Through 102 two-way exchange activities of product technology, customers have timely learned the latest products, applications and technologies of standard transmission. At the same time, we have also absorbed valuable opinions and suggestions, enhanced mutual exchanges and cooperation, provided strong support for users all over the country, narrowed the distance between us and customers, and made us more aware of customer needs

------ Zhang mountaineering and Wang Zhenghai from the standard transmission department, how to ensure everyone to cooperate closely, Xiao Fang, Liu Nan and other product managers mainly introduced in detail the functional pendulum impact tester of MM4 series frequency converter, which is a common and application, the new products SIMATIC ET200S FC, SINAMICS G110 and their applications, and the products and applications of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors, At the same time, CS engineers had a full exchange with the participants on technical services and support. Siemens' standard transmission products have many advantages, such as powerful function, strong overload capacity, small volume and convenient operation. 2. The buffer oil should be kept clean and quick. Its products have been widely used in many industries and fields, such as textile, elevator, printing, fan, water pump, metallurgy, power plant, petrochemical, conveyor belt, HVAC and so on

------ 102 standard transmission product technical exchange meetings have achieved great success. I would like to thank the leaders of the five regional offices in North China, South China, East China, Northeast China and southwest China for their strong support, as well as the eight product promotion managers Liang Ming, Weng hanqiang and Wang Xiaoping, as well as the colleagues of the regional marketing department and the sales department for their active cooperation. I believe that with your joint efforts, SD's business will reach a new peak

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