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Chongqing: the color sprayed on the sidewalk is not only beautiful, but also can reduce the temperature by 9 ℃

Chongqing: the color sprayed on the sidewalk is not only beautiful, but also can reduce the temperature by 9 ℃

September 22, 2011

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[China paint information] yesterday, Chongqing Morning Post reported the problem of the sidewalk on Yanghe West Road fading after dyeing, which attracted widespread attention of the public. Many enthusiastic citizens said that better road coatings could solve this problem

the construction company of Yanghe west road also officially clarified yesterday that what was brushed on the ground and sidewalk was not ink, but a paint mixed with ferrous metal, glue and lotion. Only because it rains when it is not completely dry, it causes discoloration

black paint mixed with latex

the color faded because it was not completely dry

on the 19th, when passing Yanghe West Road, a citizen found that the originally blackened sidewalk was washed out by heavy rain. Citizens questioned whether ink was sprayed on the ground to meet the inspection

yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Guanyinqiao street said in an interview that the pavement reconstruction of Yanghe West Road is only part of the 105600 square meters environmental sanitation renovation project of Yanghe second village and Chunhui community. "It is definitely not a face saving project, but a project to benefit the people." The person in charge stressed that from this year, the direction of environmental health rectification is to shift from the main roads to open communities, and narrow the regional gap between communities through facade and ground reconstruction

at 5:30 yesterday afternoon, Luo Pingshu, the head of Haoli community cleaning service center, stretched out her hands full of black stains. "This is what we got when spraying. We have to take gasoline to wash it off."

the center is responsible for the finishing work of the environmental remediation work, "we will make up the dirty roads and sidewalks during the construction." Since last Saturday, workers began to spray black liquid, "not all, only dirty places." Because the construction cannot be completely closed during construction, many Merlin pedestrians who can click on the bottom are stained with black liquid on the sole

after the construction was completed, a heavy rain caused the pavement to fade. "It takes days for this paint to completely dry out." Luo Pingshu said that even if it dries thoroughly, it can't be washed away with a high-pressure water gun. Previously, Chunhui community caused the spraying construction of sheet metal corrosion, because the weather has been very good, there was no problem

and what kind of paint do citizens most want to know? Luo Pingshu said that it is a kind of powder extracted from ore. 3. The clip is generally made of fine medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel powder ferrous metal, plus glue and lotion, "it has strong adhesion."

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