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Lutai machinery attended the National Conference on the application technology of new materials for highway maintenance

Lutai machinery attended the National Conference on the application technology of new materials for highway maintenance

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from November 19 to 20, the "National Conference on the application technology of new materials for highway maintenance" hosted by the maintenance and Management Branch of the China highway society was grandly held at Venus Royal Hotel in Shenzhen. With the theme of "green and durability, future actions", the conference aims to display and promote new materials and technologies for highway maintenance. Henan Wanli road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. and its subordinate Henan road engineering technology maintenance center, Xi'an Detong vibration mixing technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lijing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the grand meeting as the exclusive co organizers. Lutai Machinery Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and displayed the company's star products and technologies, improving the influence and reputation of Lutai in the road maintenance industry

on the morning of November 19, the conference kicked off in the speeches of Liu Jiazhen, chairman of the maintenance and Management Branch of China highway society, and Dr. Zhang Liangqi, chairman of Wanli road and bridge group. At the main venue, Zhang Liangqi, chief architect of Wanli road and Bridge Group products, doctor of engineering, and professor level senior engineer, reported on the fruitful achievements of the implementation of Wanli road and Bridge product leading strategy in the past three years with the theme of "materials - the key to maintenance technology innovation". He came from the Ministry of transport, provincial (District, municipal) transportation (Transportation) departments (bureaus, commissions), leaders, experts, and More than 700 participants, including professors and scientific and technological workers of the enterprise class, expressed their strong interest in Wanli road and Bridge product innovation. Type approval refers to the administrative licensing activity conducted by the quality and technical supervision department on whether the type of measuring instruments meets the legal requirements. The team aims to focus joint activities on five different topics

from the afternoon of November 19 to the morning of November 20, the conference held academic reports on "asphalt materials sub venue", "cement concrete materials sub venue" and "pavement materials innovation special venue" respectively. Among them, the road end materials innovation special venue led by Wanli road and bridge group with the theme of "new technologies and materials for road maintenance in the whole life cycle" was the most popular, and the participants far exceeded the expectations of the conference organizers. The experts of new materials, new technologies and new machinery for Wanli road and bridge maintenance respectively reported the results concerned by the industry, such as the optimal configuration scheme of national and provincial trunk line mechanized maintenance center, new material technology for road maintenance, bridge corrosion prevention and beautification technology, and the application of vibration mixing durability Technology. Wang Songgen, director of the National Road Maintenance Expert Committee, and other top experts in the industry were sitting in the front row. Professor Stephen Bennington, commercial director of the advanced materials department, said: "improving the strength of these materials is indeed exciting, and the inquirers continue. The brand and academic influence of Wanli Road and bridge have spread all over the country

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