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Lu Yongxiang: global cooperation in manufacturing has become a general trend

global cooperation to improve quality, improve efficiency, expand markets, and share new values of manufacturing services has become a general trend. Not long ago, at the International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing jointly hosted by the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Association for science and technology, Lu Yongxiang, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and academician of the two academies, pointed out that the manufacturing industry has entered a new era of global synergy, green intelligence and win-win cooperation. He believed that as long as we recognize the new characteristics of global manufacturing, grasp new opportunities for innovation and development, give full play to their new advantages, and adhere to fairness, mutual benefit The principle of transparency and reciprocity and the commitments on tariff concessions, market access, national treatment, etc. within the framework of WTO will certainly create a new prosperity of global manufacturing services

Since the reform and opening up, China has fully integrated into the global market economy, and made in China has fully integrated into the global industrial chain, becoming an important part of the global manufacturing industrial chain. Lu Yongxiang pointed out that over the past 40 years, made in China has continued to develop rapidly in the global competition, providing China and the world with a large number of high-quality and affordable products. The global manufacturing industry has won a huge market and unprecedented opportunities for innovation and cooperation from China's development. Huawei, ZTE communication equipment, China railway rail transit equipment, China energy and power equipment, Haier, Gree appliances, Huawei, Lenovo computers, Dajiang UAVs, etc. have been exported to the international market. China has also imported a large number of high-end equipment, advanced materials, integrated circuits, key components, design software and operating systems from developed countries

Lu Yongxiang said that at present, the manufacturing industry is entering a new era of global cooperation and win-win results. Technological innovation and applications such as IOT, cloud computing, big data, new generation artificial intelligence and 3D printing are changing with each passing day. Broadband wireless and smart logistics promote the free flow and optimal allocation of new talent resources around the world. With the global cooperation of economy and industry, cloud computing and cloud services have become collaborative innovation batch products, which have entered the stage of demonstration and utilization in the areas of large transmission towers in the coastal areas of the State Grid and industrial air pollution areas, photovoltaic power generation supports in the southwest, petrochemical equipment and aerospace equipment. Big data has become an innovative resource that can be shared at near zero cost and can be added value infinitely, Become the information and data cornerstone of the new generation of intelligent design and manufacturing services. The new generation of artificial intelligence will expand from product terminal intelligence to terminal cloud collaborative intelligence, and develop successful intelligence based on field sensing to network computing intelligence based on big data, from a production line and a factory to global network intelligent design and manufacturing services. The manufacturing process is expanding from micron level material reduction manufacturing to nano precision intelligent material reduction/material addition manufacturing, and the design and manufacturing will be more free, accurate, diverse and fast. Large enterprise centered automated mass manufacturing is changing to user centered personalized design services, large-scale customization, and collaborative manufacturing services. Network big data is promoting the transformation of green manufacturing in the whole life cycle of unit products to the whole industrial chain, global green low-carbon design and manufacturing, and operation services. Digitalization, networking, intelligence, and greening have been extended to the whole process of design and manufacturing service marketing

China has entered a new stage of high-quality development. Lu Yongxiang stressed that with the promotion of supply side structural reform as the main line and the improvement of development quality and efficiency as the center, we should speed up the realization of quality, efficiency and dynamic changes, strive to solve the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development, adapt to the people's growing high-quality and diversified needs, and practice the new requirements of the new development concept for the high-quality development of made in China. China will adhere to the development of the real economy, implement the manufacturing power strategy, and implement a new round of technological transformation in traditional industries to promote upgrading and efficiency; Emerging industrial clusters will be accelerated to become bigger and stronger. Green development, innovative development, the construction of "beautiful China", "healthy China" and "smart city" will inject strong new momentum into the transformation of China's manufacturing industry to green, intelligent and creative

China will become a new highland of global manufacturing

the "the Belt and Road" initiative put forward by China. The joint construction and sharing of infrastructure will drive Chinese manufacturing services further to the world, and will also open up new space, create new ways, raise new standards for China's cooperation with global manufacturing services, and cooperate to create a new future of common prosperity for mankind. Lu Yongxiang believes that at present, the global manufacturing innovation chain, industrial chain and ecological chain need to be jointly created and shared, new industrial standards need to be jointly formulated globally, and new challenges that may be faced, such as network security, commercial data and personal privacy disclosure, technical ethics, need global cooperation and common response. At present, no matter made in China, the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea, or Airbus, Boeing, China Railway, Samsung, Huawei, Volkswagen and Toyota, they cannot do without the support of the global innovation chain, industrial chain, service chain and ecological chain, protectionism, unilateralism and zero sum thinking, which are not in line with the trend of the times. In the end, they can only isolate themselves, Integrating into global manufacturing cooperation, China's leading chemical enterprises need to explore new growth, and win-win market is the only right choice

Lu Yongxiang said that China will become a new highland of global manufacturing, and China will fully open the general manufacturing industry. In terms of market bidding, standard setting, listing and financing, government procurement, participation in national science and technology plans, China will treat Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned private enterprises and all kinds of enterprises equally, encourage competition, oppose monopoly, and create a development environment of equal rights, opportunities and rules for manufacturing service enterprises. China's legal and policy environment continues to improve, the government's regulatory services are more standardized and effective, and the investment environment is more fair, transparent, stable and predictable. China not only has the most modern information network in the world, high-speed transportation and logistics infrastructure, the most complete manufacturing industry innovation chain and industrial chain that rapidly expand to the middle and high-end, but also the largest and excellent science and technology need to reset the system engineering and mathematical innovation talent team. There are millions of patent applications every year, but also in high-speed rail system, e-commerce, wireless payment, sharing economy, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou 9. Looking for parts, layout The resonant connection between the packaging and transportation process and the innovation and entrepreneurship ecological environment of Shenzhen and other cities have ranked among the top in the world. China is bound to become the new highland with the most innovative vitality and win-win cooperation in global intelligent manufacturing services

Lu Yongxiang stressed that China strives to strengthen the foundation and improve quality, promote green, intelligent and service-oriented manufacturing, break through common core technologies, encourage and support innovative design, improve the development level of digitalization, networking, intelligence and greening of made in China, and accelerate the transformation to Chinese creation, Chinese quality and Chinese brand. This is the high-quality development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of high-quality, personalized The only way to diversify consumer demand is also bound to promote the mutually beneficial cooperation between made in China and the world to a new stage and a new level since the reform and opening up

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