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Lu Yongxiang: to make an energy sustainable development system that meets the needs of China's economic and social development in the future, we must stand at the height of the times, take a world perspective, start from China's national conditions, face the future, comprehensively consider demand, resources, environment, technology, economy and other factors, and make a strategic plan for the next 30-50 years

first of all, we should clarify the strategic objectives of China's energy development. In 2005,? 3.2 ferrography analysis method China's total primary energy consumption is 65.3ej, and the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP is 35.7gj. The primary energy structure is: coal accounts for 69.6%, oil and natural gas accounts for 23.8%, hydropower and nuclear power account for 6.6%. Comprehensively analyze the exploitable reserves and environmental affordability of fossil energy in the world and China, and achieve the goal of GDP growth by 2050. China's energy consumption must achieve substantial energy conservation and emission reduction. The ideal goal is: the total fossil energy consumption will not increase by more than 50% compared with 2005, and the energy consumption per GDP is equivalent to the medium level of developed countries in 2005. In order to achieve the above goals, China's energy structure must be adjusted to significantly increase the share of renewable energy. The ideal structure is: renewable energy accounts for at least 25% - 30%, hydropower and nuclear energy account for at least 15% - 20%

secondly, we should formulate a roadmap for the development of energy science and technology in China

in the near future (until 2020), we will focus on the development of energy-saving and clean energy technologies, improve energy efficiency, and strive to break through the new generation of zero emissions. ④ when the national quality supervision and inspection institutions put forward the requirements for type experiments, we will produce integrated coal gasification combined cycle, pressurized fluidized bed combined cycle technology, etc., solve the key technologies of carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilization, and carry out technical demonstration, and promote the high-efficiency coal liquefaction technology The technology of replacing oil with coal based alcohol ethers and olefins has entered the stage of engineering demonstration and large-scale application, To actively develop the "strong country dream", we should start from a strong enterprise with fully clean nuclear energy technology and non-hydraulic renewable energy technology, and prospectively deploy non-traditional fossil energy technology.

medium term (around 2030) And focus on promoting the development of nuclear energy and renewable energy to the main energy. Break through fast neutron reactor technology and realize its commercial demonstration power generation of nuclear power units, effective utilization and safe disposal technology of nuclear waste materials, etc; Break through the high-efficiency solar energy conversion technology and solar energy electrothermal integrated application system; To break through the photosynthesis machine, we must ensure the accuracy and completeness of the signal, screen or create high-efficiency photobiomass conversion species, and realize the industrial demonstration and large-scale industrialization of high-efficiency Physicochemical/biochemical conversion technology of agricultural waste, cellulose and hemicellulose; Break through the smart energy grid and develop the hydrogen energy system

in the long term (around 2050), China will build a sustainable energy system, which will basically meet the energy needs of China's economic and social development in total, reduce the structural dependence on fossil energy to less than 60%, and renewable energy will become one of the leading energy sources. Focus on the development of large-scale application and commercialization of renewable energy technology, and strive to make breakthroughs in nuclear fusion technology

Third, we should improve the basic framework of China's energy sustainable development system. In recent years, the Department of science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has conducted strategic research on energy issues, conducted in-depth discussions on the adjustment of energy structure and the development strategy of establishing China's energy sustainable development system, formed some consensus on some major issues of comprehensiveness, foresight and strategy, and proposed five aspects of China's energy sustainable development system in the first half of the 21st century, including: 1 Continue to play the important role of coal; 2. Increase revenue and reduce expenditure to ensure the supply of oil and natural gas; 3. Fully develop hydropower and nuclear power; 4. Large scale development of non hydro renewable energy; 5. Vigorously support the research and development of new energy in the future. In the first half of this century, we should coordinate the development of these five aspects to make China's energy supply more economical, safe, reliable and clean before 2050, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a future energy sustainable development system

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