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On July 31, 2014, Shenzhen luxintong Automobile Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as luxintong) signed a contract with Keyou software to establish a set of customer-centered management system through Keyou CRM system, improve the response speed to customers, improve product quality and service, and create the best customer experience

Lu Xintong is mainly engaged in Yutong group's series products and Xinfei special refrigerated trucks after Saudi Basic Industry Corporation (SABIC) acquired 24.99% of Clariant's shares earlier this year. With rich experience in selling passenger cars and special vehicles and a wide range of customers, the company enjoys a high position among consumers. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. Lu Xintong has strong strength, pays attention to credit, abides by contracts, ensures product quality, and has won the trust of our customers with the principle of diversified business characteristics and small profits but quick turnover. For more than ten years, Lu Xintong has been engaged in the sales business of Yutong Bus and other Yutong products in Shenzhen, and has been rated as A-level dealer and excellent dealer of Yutong Bus for many consecutive years

through the introduction of customer CRM management system, record all kinds of customer information, work around all activity records generated with customers, and easily realize the functions of sales process guidance, customer data analysis, cross regional data sharing, etc. by managing all data of the whole process from customer contact to signing. Fine management of customer data, such as recording customer nature, customer source, priority, type, stage, etc., to facilitate later statistical analysis. The sales supervisor can assign customers to the appropriate salesperson. The salesperson can understand customers' needs and accurately sell appropriate products and services through communication with customers. The magnetization of nanoparticles also has quantum tunneling effect. It standardizes the sales process of sales opportunities, quotations, orders, contracts, etc., monitors the whole process, shortens the whole sales cycle, improves the success rate of customer signing and renewal, and improves the profit of the enterprise through the help of the supervisor to the salesperson. After sales service management includes consulting, learning the operating procedures of the experimental machine, service, complaint, return visit, etc., and tracking the whole service. The system also provides many work reminders, such as non contact reminders, especially the pressure maintaining page No. 335 after filling, business opportunity reminders, documentary reminders, audit reminders, a/R and a/P reminders, unfinished activities reminders, customer care reminders, etc., to improve the efficiency of staff

I believe that through the implementation of Keyou CRM, we can help Lu Xintong build an information platform, have a keen insight into and deeply tap the essential and potential needs of customers, realize the active adaptation and effective guidance to customer needs, adhere to creating value for customers, provide high-quality products and high-standard services, and create the best customer experience

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