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Road painters cheat you not to discuss the tactics of industry insiders to expose and kill people

Road painters cheat you not to discuss the tactics of industry insiders to expose and kill people

June 30, 2009

[China paint information] Road decoration guerrillas are not uncommon on the streets of Suzhou. Among them, the number of painters is particularly spectacular. Some of them use the ultra-low "labor cost" as a means of calling for jobs. Is there really such a good thing? If these small bargains really make you think about finding such a person to go home and help with your work, you have to look carefully. "Lacquering is a technical job. Laymen can't get involved. The pool is deep!" Lao Yang, who has been engaged in the paint and coating business for many years, told that as an ordinary consumer, it is really not easy to deal with those bad road painters who are familiar with the "routine". If you do not have a deeper understanding of the paint industry, it is inevitable that you will be dizzy under their "long fists and short fights", and finally you will end up being greedy for small things but suffer heavy losses. Lao Yang said that in order to avoid being fooled by unknown citizens, he decided to uncover the deceptive tricks of some bad road painters to let everyone know what drugs these people sell in their gourds, so as not to fall into the net

trick of deception 1

miscellaneous brands sell you 180. Absolutely cheat you. There is no discussion

bad road painters kill people. The most commonly used trick is to recommend brands. In Lao Yang's words, most of these recommended brands have moisture

first of all, some well-known brands will definitely not be on their recommendation list because they have three control modes: load, strain and displacement. Because the prices of these big brands are relatively transparent, it is not easy for bad painters who want to make a profit on the paint price. "Then, these painters will recommend some domestic products you have never heard of, and you can only buy them in one or two roadside stores when you travel all over Suzhou." Lao Yang said that in the era of planned economy, the profit of paint and coating was fixed at 26%, and now it is liberalized, but basically the industry is about 20%. "Apart from some big brands, the ordinary paint group is about 100 yuan. If it fluctuates by 20%, basically 120 yuan is the normal price." However, the prices of things recommended by painters are basically more than 150 yuan, and some even up to 180 yuan. "If you don't know the brand, there is no place to verify the price and compare, they will be easy to cheat."

trick 2

if you want to buy things by yourself, there are still ways to adjust to you

of course, not all owners will fully adopt the recommendation of painters, adhere to their own decisions, and many people buy a certain brand of paint. But don't think this can stop bad painters from doing tricks. There's nothing you can do. They still have a rut. You don't discuss it

Lao Yang said that the most common trick of some bad painters at this time is to work hard on quantity. If ten sets of paint is enough for your house, they will ask you for fifteen to twenty sets. The sealing of the piston rod is the most concerned problem of the user. He "finds a new way" to deal with the excess paint, either sell it back to the dealer to earn a ticket, or sell it to the next customer to make a profit. "Some people will think that I can't help watching you one by one. In fact, they have good tricks." Lao Yang said, first of all, it is impossible for citizens. 2 this pair of tensile testing machine enterprises have made a joint request to watch such bad painters for four hours to prevent them from doing tricks. As long as the owner is slightly negligent, they will change the paint. "If you buy good goods, the bad painters will be more happy. When you don't pay attention, pour out the whole barrel and replace it with a miscellaneous one. The barrel is still that barrel, can't you see?" Lao Yang said that the prices of different paints and coatings are also very different, and for ordinary consumers, the subtle differences caused by different paints on the wall can't be seen in any case. Some lacquerers with poor quality directly dumped the excess paint because the owner kept a close eye on it and could not steal the day. "I have also encountered the owners with decoration complaining that the painters poured the remaining paint into the toilet and blocked the sewer. In fact, it is not necessarily the rest, but maybe the ones the owners bought more."

trick 3

you can see what's wrong with your hands and feet in construction

there are also some "more skilled" painters who disdain to do such simple work as stealing beams and changing columns. If they do it, you will be willing to use his paint and spend more money unconsciously

"sometimes, it's clear that the paint you bought is real, but when the painter brushes it, there are many bubbles. He will tell you, look, look, you bought a fake. You really believe it, so you scold the dealer there." Lao Yang said that in fact, those unscrupulous painters only slightly moved their hands and feet when brushing, but ordinary consumers, as non professionals, don't know. After repeating this several times, you will think that you are really easy to be cheated. You can't buy really good paint, so you can only buy it back as specified by him

it is easier to let consumers spend more money and painters work less. "Take furniture as an example. For example, the primer is applied twice and the topcoat is applied four times. In this way, there are six times of paint and six times of manual work." Lao Yang said, but how can an ordinary consumer see that the painters really painted six times? Therefore, there is room for the "activity" of bad painters. Some people cut corners, brush a few lines casually, and calculate your money according to the "rules" strictly

Lao Yang told me that not all paints can be made by coming up. "Many people don't know that some high-end paints and coatings also need quite professional technical cooperation to be painted well. Some road painters with little technology can't do it at all." Lao Yang said that he was able to work himself, but he did not dare to pat his chest and say that he could brush the paint of some internationally renowned brands. "Unlike the advertisements we saw, two ordinary people with little technology can brush at home with high-end paint. If there are many high-end goods without corresponding technical standards, the painted walls are uneven. Sometimes, you obviously buy high-end goods, but they are painted in a mess. Don't think you bought fake goods at this point, or the painters you find may not be of high technology, Can't brush this paint. "

it's unreliable to find someone in a big store for decoration.

it's said that the technical requirements of a pair of products include raw material requirements, sensory requirements, physical and chemical indicators and additive requirements. The job of painting requires too much technology. "You're not an expert. It's hard for you to know where you've been fooled." Lao Yang said that there are also many painters in Suzhou today, "but don't think it's just a simple job to brush the wall, so don't be careless when looking for someone. It's more reliable to find a larger formal home decoration company." Lao Yang said, let's take technology as an example. Many road painters rely on the way of masters and apprentices. They are handed down one by one. Without systematic training, they are all groping by themselves, and the technology is often not in place

Lao Yang admitted that he exposed the insides of bad painters in order to survive. Lao Yang said that selling genuine good materials is now a loss, "but it's hard to earn money by relying on bad painters to do this paint business."

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