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Road machinery is ready for battle. German workers roll up their sleeves to catch up with orders

road machinery is ready for battle. German workers roll up their sleeves to catch up with orders

China Construction machinery information

the just concluded German road machinery promotion conference has brought a number of orders to the company. Beyond joy, how to catch up these ordered vehicles with high quality and efficiency has become the focus of the work of all departments of German workers, of which the assembly and commissioning department is particularly busy

the assembly of two 460s has entered the final stage

the front line of the road machine assembly department is in full swing, two 460s are being assembled, and one frame has just been launched. There are three 700ns being assembled in the workshop. One frame has just been welded and put online, and two 550ns have been offline and entered the commissioning stage. All staff are dispatched, and they are divided into three teams to work overtime to catch up with the ordered products

take the newly produced dgl700n for example, because the whole vehicle is large, there are many kinds of parts, the installation of hydraulic pipelines is complex, and the assembly of working devices is difficult. Moreover, because it is a new product, it takes 30 days at the fastest for a vehicle to go offline from the basic preparation of parts to the completion of installation

turn to commissioning after offline. It will take at least 7 to 10 days to complete the commissioning of various performance indicators. During the commissioning process, the commissioning personnel will find problems at any time and solve them at any time. If they cannot solve them by themselves, contact the technical department to coordinate and solve them

the two 550n machines that have been offline have entered the intense commissioning stage. One of them found a slight vibration of the rotor during the commissioning process. After the technical department checked on site, the cause was found, and the problem was solved in time. The commissioning was carried out smoothly

since pendulum energy: since 2016, the road machinery department has taken many measures at the same time, creating an annual sales of 33 road machinery, and at the same time establishing a good service image and reputation for Degong machinery. The promotion conference held in February 2017 was a complete success, with continuous sales orders, and the production department rolled up its sleeves to cheer. 2017 is both an opportunity and a challenge for German workers. In 2017, German printers of this kind are suitable for workers of full-automatic pressure testing machines to seize opportunities with strength and meet challenges with hard work. (this article is from Degong machinery)

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