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On December 13, Oracle and Oracle launched a series of customer experience products based on Oracle cloud computing platform in Beijing, including right now, endeca, fatwire, inquire, ATG nchal, etc. through open-loop polymerization, ivehelp, etc

the two sides also jointly demonstrated the multinational call center system covering the entire Asia Pacific region. A series of cloud computing products launched this time are committed to participating in global competition for enterprises and improving their sales capacity in China. Through these services based on Oracle cloud computing, enterprises can greatly improve their sales and customer service capabilities

Liu Song, director of strategic development of Oracle China, said: cloud computing based products and services are Oracle's strategic focus, and sales and service products are Oracle's top priorities in the coming years. Oracle will work with Dao Anjin to help Chinese customers achieve the success of interconnected sales and services

Dr. Jiang Yuhong, President of Dao Anjin, said that he hoped that through the release of new cloud computing products, he would work with Oracle to provide enterprises with full-service services from business consulting to system construction, and help enterprises 1. Intercept 200 (2) 50mm from the tested metal wire to succeed in the Internet market

it is reported that daoanjin information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a professional technology company focusing on sales management and customer experience management. Since its establishment 12 years ago, it has provided a series of professional services from call center technology to CRM business consulting, CRM system construction and other professional services for Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, MSD pharmaceutical and other world-renowned multinational companies with the application capital of waste foam granulators, The service covers the whole Asia Pacific region, and the indicators that should be paid special attention to when selecting the tensile machine for soft packaging material testing are analyzed

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