The hottest road sign paint highlights business op

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Road marking paint highlights business opportunities

road marking paint highlights business opportunities

April 11, 2003

fatigue testing machine is used to test materials when subjected to repeated or alternating stress

on March 4, Quanzhou science and technology and transportation department held a promotion meeting on "two-component air dry insufficient and polyester resin road marking paint

. After more than two years of research, the achievements of the research group of Quanzhou Highway Bureau of Fujian Province and the Department of chemistry of Fuzhou University have passed the review and appraisal of the technical appraisal committee organized by the Provincial Department of communications. After the scientific and technological information department checked the novelty, it was determined that the two-component air dry unsaturated polyester resin road marking paint has excellent performance and reasonable formula, and its special construction equipment is innovative. This achievement is the first in China. At present, it has been applied for national patents, reaching the leading level of domestic similar products. It has significant economic and social benefits, and has broad prospects for promotion and application. There is no need to heat the two-component air drying

and polyester resin road marking paint during construction, and it is pollution-free. The curing degree of the paint after construction reaches 99.

7%, which exceeds the national standard, and the volatilization is very small. The wear resistance, compression resistance and adhesion of this product greatly exceed the relevant performance and level of domestic and international new products. According to the introduction, using this new road marking paint to spray 1 square meter of pavement can save 15 yuan. According to China's future highway mileage of more than 3million kilometers, as long as one third of the mileage adopts this product, saving 15 ~ 20000 yuan per kilometer can save tens of billions of yuan. However, if we create an enterprise that integrates production and construction, with an annual output of 12000 tons and construction, the output value can reach nearly 300million yuan

China's road marking paint started late and lagged behind. For many years, ester mastic paint has been mainly used, and its performance is low. The high-performance paint for Expressway also relies on imports. Two component air drying unsaturated polyester resin road marking paint new

products are available, which can completely replace imported paint, with a promising prospect

two component air drying unsaturated polyester resin road marking paint new products are not only used for roads after long-term contact with ethylene glycol at 135 ° C (275 ° f) high temperature, but also for urban roads

roads, municipal roads, airports and public places, and white oil is used as release agent; Its dosage is also considerable. It is understood that Fujian Provincial Department of transportation and Quanzhou Highway Bureau are planning to make a big contribution to accelerating the industrialization of achievements

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