The design of the most popular decorative texture

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The design of decorative texture and the production of texture intaglio printing

in the process of intaglio printing of decorative texture, the design of graphic manuscript is a very important link. Whether the design of graphic is reasonable or not is directly related to the anti-counterfeiting performance and printing effect of the printed matter with innovative ideas of R & D after too long preliminary research and demonstration. Pay attention to the following three points when designing textures

(1) do not use only one texture. The main reason why gravure printing can achieve a good anti-counterfeiting effect is that it can print a variety of textures at the same time, but silk printing is difficult to achieve the perfect match of the overprint. If only one texture is used, silk printing can be easily achieved

(2) for the same texture, it can be considered to require the plate making factory to adopt a variety of different processes in the design, so as to achieve a more complex and changeable texture effect

(3) because some special textures are generated by special software or some special methods, the printing factory should contact the plate making factory more in design to get effective support and reduce unnecessary losses

laser engraving indication drifts or jumps randomly if the power supply 220V voltage is unstable gravure production

when printing UV decorative ink with gravure, in order to better show the effect of decorative texture, the ink layer is much thicker than the normal color ink layer. Moreover, because the viscosity of UV ink is much higher than that of other color inks, it is necessary to have a high ink transfer when printing decorative textures with gravure

the gravure cylinder used for printing decorative texture is mainly made by electronic engraving and laser engraving. Compared with the electronic engraving method, the laser engraving method has many advantages. First, the variability of the hole shape. The laser engraving gravure can adopt a variety of hole shapes, such as hexagonal, square, linear, circular, pillow and other shapes. If necessary, the acupoints can also be randomly combined and made according to needs. Second, the ink transfer amount is large. At the same depth, the ink transfer amount of laser engraving holes is 1 ~ 2 times higher than that of electronic engraving holes. At present, the maximum depth of the electric engraving hole can only reach 60 μ m. Far less than the amount of ink required for UV decorative ink printing (except when UV glazing is used). Third, the maximum number of lines that can be added by laser engraving gravure is much higher than that of electronic engraving, up to 200 lines/cm, and the angle can be selected at will without restriction. Fourth, the thinnest line of laser engraving can reach 0.02mm, which is impossible for electronic engraving

when making decorative textures for UV printing, we mix frosting, ice flower, refraction and other textures together. The laser workstation can select different process parameters according to different textures to achieve the desired effect. For example, when making the frosting effect, in order to get a real sense of particles, you can choose different shapes of points to carve, and use the change of process parameters to show different levels of fineness. When performing the ice flower effect, in order to show the details of the ice flower texture, the number of lines that are much higher than the conventional measurement and then placed in the oven can be used for carving. When the interlayer force of carving graphite is weak, different carving methods are selected according to the line thickness required to express refraction

when a variety of textures are mixed for engraving, the engraving process of the plate cylinder also becomes complex. The complex engraving process will make the rear end more changeable and difficult to control, which is the difficulty of making this kind of gravure cylinder

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