The design shown by the humanistic influence of th

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The design shown by the humanistic influence of packaging design

packaging design has rich cultural implications and is a positive and creative achievement full of human mind. As a service and human product, the packaging design element must involve humanistic thoughts. It is like the spring rain moistening the hearts of designers. While creating material products for mankind, it is more important to engage in a spiritual activity. Packaging not only creates added value, but also produces a cultural appeal and shock, so as to improve consumers' understanding of the brand image of commodities and further understand the country, region and National traditional culture, corporate culture, philosophical thinking, logical reasoning, aesthetic characteristics, consumer psychology and other comprehensive cognition and packaging are not only the marketing tools of products, but also the commodities of enterprises, transmitting more and higher cultural information

the packaging design has a stable basic cultural form, and continuously injects fresh new content into the social culture. It stops communicating through the serial port (COM port) behind the computer, and constantly produces a new look synchronized with the times [3]. In other words, it has the obvious characteristics of keeping pace with the times. Secondly, the forward trend of culture has become the internal driving force for the development of packaging design. First, human needs for material life, that is, human beings should constantly improve their own living environment and quality of life. For example, the transportation, marketing, preservation and storage in the process of production and life should be guaranteed by the packaging design. This demand urges people to invent and create, and promotes the progress of technology and art. As a result, new packaging design achievements will inevitably come into being

the second is the human demand for spiritual culture. As a cultural medium, the packaging design of Beijing Honglou brand carries the national cultural spirit of a country through the packaging design image, such as social ideology, aesthetic tendency, ethics, folk customs, etc

the development of science and technology has created new product shapes, quality standards, design concepts and evaluation systems. The audience's endless new requirements for product design constantly urge designers to come up with better designs. The corresponding designers should have more comprehensive qualities and talents

design is inseparable from the accumulation of life. It is a blend of rationality and sensibility. Packaging designers should not only be familiar with Chinese and foreign cultures, but also pay attention to the current situation and development trend of contemporary design [4]. Every swing counts as one excellent design work, which comes from the designer's deep culture, good mentality, calm thinking and absolute self-confidence. Most of the people who have made outstanding achievements in both the art and design circles have profound cultural literacy and basic skills

in order to become an excellent designer and even aspire to become a designer, the designer must not be satisfied with the perfection of technology and skills and the immediate economic benefits, so as to have a high cultural quality, which is extremely important both at present and in the future

it is true that cultural learning can not solve all problems, but just like a farmer who only knows how to farm, he can not be called an agricultural expert after all. At best, he is a farmer. A designer who does not have cultural literacy and heritage is only a skilled master and a senior operator. He can not become a general who can face the design market independently, let alone a handsome talent who strolls around in the changing times. The difference between technical training and cultural literacy will be reflected at this time. The accumulation and fermentation of cultural literacy imperceptibly improve the understanding of designers, and become a solid foundation and source of self-confidence

due to the limitations of the times, various design theories are inevitably mixed with impurities, but this can not be an excuse to give up cultural learning; On the other hand, we should also pay attention to avoid deifying the design culture into dogmas and commandments that bind our thoughts and hands. We need to analyze and sort them out, take their essence and discard their dross. Just as we don't eat pork and mutton to make ourselves become pigs and sheep, this digestion, absorption and reference is not the imitation, reproduction and cloning of appearance, but for our own use to nourish our body and mind and our art

under the influence of the multi-cultural context of the information age on China's packaging design, grasping and adhering to the cultural nature of packaging design after I joined the queue in the countryside, mining and sorting out the excellent and rich cultural connotation in China's packaging design, and organically combining the essence of traditional cultural thought with the elements of contemporary design and the spiritual wealth of all mankind is the road to the humanistic development of packaging design

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