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Decoration package really save money and worry? This controversial topic outside the industry has now attracted more attention. Some people say that the decoration package is McDonald's in the home decoration industry, which provides consumers with home decoration that saves money, time, effort and worry; Some people also believe that the decoration package is actually a set for consumers by businesses. As long as you get in, you will be willing to be slaughtered

first, the package decoration is annoying after it tastes bad

so why has the package decoration mode been questioned by some consumers? In fact, for the package decoration with changed taste, the opinions focus on four aspects:

first, the home decoration company does not declare the additional items before signing the home decoration contract, resulting in the final cost far exceeding the budget; Second, change the brands and varieties of main materials at will, shoddy, and reduce the quality of decoration; Third, the package decoration style is single, which can not meet personalized needs; Fourth, the decoration effect of package decoration is not ideal

in some companies that blindly follow the package decoration, they either do not declare the content of additional items, or do not know the brand and variety of main materials, but only tempt consumers with low prices, which does have a feeling of being covered

however, it is understood that brand home decoration companies are relatively reassuring. For example, the items contained in the package and the contents that need to be added are clearly put forward to consumers first; In addition, the materials exhibition hall can also see some famous things. If the main materials used in the package are clear at a glance and the brand and model are clear, they can be compared after decoration; Regular decoration companies will provide consumers with the opportunity to observe the construction site for comparison

it seems that the package decoration mode itself is not a set, but the lack of credibility of the home decoration company to set the package decoration mode, which makes consumers fall into it. Therefore, if you choose a set meal, you should also choose a regular famous brand set meal to prevent quilt covers

in this regard, the insiders hold grievances for the decoration package. Due to the disorderly operation of the home decoration industry, the decoration package, which was originally a good model, has been questioned by consumers under the operation of some home decoration companies without credibility. To this end, the reporter visited a number of decoration companies as a consumer on the decoration package to see who set up this decoration mode




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