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Most of the new properties have installed new meters and "leakage circuit breakers" for the owners, but the old houses must be retrofitted with "leakage circuit breakers" to ensure safety and adapt to the increasing electrical equipment


find electricians with professional certificates to operate when wiring the decoration, and the safety factor will increase a lot. If you want to reduce the hidden dangers such as leakage, overload and electric shock, you must install “ on the necessary circuit of the residential distribution board; Leakage circuit breaker ”, Most of the new properties are equipped with new electricity meters and “ Leakage circuit breaker ”, But old houses must be retrofitted by themselves “ Leakage circuit breaker ”, To ensure safety and adapt to the increasing number of electrical equipment

before decorating the new house, you should first understand the power allocation of the property project, how many amperes the meter is, and how large the capacity of the existing wires are, and then make a plan for the number of matching electrical appliances, and never overload. If your developer is a civil residence designed and constructed according to the new national power consumption standard, there will generally be no big problem, but if it is an old house reconstruction, the circuit should be reasonably distributed. The common circuit distribution method is: one circuit for socket, one circuit for lighting, and one circuit for air conditioning. Calculate the total load of electrical appliances according to the capacity of each circuit, and check the size of incoming wires. For large-area rooms, it is also necessary to check whether the original wires meet the needs of modern life in advance. If the cross-sectional size of the existing wires is less than 2 square millimeters of copper wire or less than 4 square millimeters of aluminum wire, all of them need to be replaced, otherwise several air conditioners will fall off as soon as they are opened at the same time, especially the users who have bought cabinet air conditioners. If they do not change the wires, they will not be able to use them normally at all. For high-capacity electrical appliances above 1000W (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.), special circuits and sockets should be used

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for users who have made the top lamp pool, in order to prolong the service life of the spotlight, it is best to install a transformer for each spotlight, and the lamp cup is best imported, such as OSRAM or Philips, whose power is less than 35W, which can save electricity. Of course, it is better to divide the lamp into several routes, so that the spotlight can be used for three to five years without replacement

in order to prevent wires from catching fire, the most suitable sockets should be reasonably shunted and set according to the purpose and area of the room and the household appliances used. The socket with grounding terminal or grounding electrode of the refrigerator should be installed in a visible place; Two and three multi-purpose sockets shall be installed on the wall of the kitchen cabinet, and sockets with grounding electrodes shall be set for microwave ovens; Set sockets with grounding terminals or grounding electrodes 15 to 20 cm above the washing machine to avoid getting wet; Waterproof and rainproof sockets should be used in the balcony or bathroom, and it doesn't hurt to get some rain; Each air conditioner should be equipped with three sockets with special additional grounding terminals. For cabinet air conditioners, high-capacity sockets should also be used

in order to improve the quality of the house and increase the convenience of life, switches with various convenience functions can be selected to make life more safe, convenient and comfortable. For example, the fluorescent switch can immediately know the position of the switch in the dark. When the light is off, there is a green fluorescent indicator light, which is applicable to the porch of the entrance and the bedroom and bathroom; The bathroom ventilation switch is applicable to the exhaust fan of the bathroom. It can remove the moisture after bathing, and automatically turn off as soon as the set time expires, so as to prevent forgetting to turn off the exhaust fan


home life should always have some vulnerable electrical materials and tools, such as bulbs, wires, electric pens, lighting screwdrivers (multi-purpose head), emergency lights, etc., in case of power failure





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