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We live in a world of sound. It is also terrible if the surrounding environment is absolutely quiet, but if the sound is too loud and noisy, it will cause damage to people and become noise. What is the standard of mute? Silence is not a simple auditory problem in family life. It must be pointed out that a quiet family life includes several levels: visually, we should first feel quiet and rational, in addition, there is no noise in hearing, and finally achieve psychological peace. Such a living environment is undoubtedly of high quality. In the noisy city, there is a quiet, comfortable and warm home, which must be the place everyone loves. We should make home a quiet harbor and send you a scientific plan to create silence. Scheme 1: the sound insulation transformation of doors and windows should make the room private, and the sound insulation of the door is very important. The sound insulation effect of the door mainly depends on the filler in the door core. The inner core is filled with paper-based molded sound insulation door, which can achieve 29 dB sound insulation effect. The sound insulation effect of the door with high-quality particleboard as the inner core can reach 32 dB. Solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, the higher the density, the heavier the weight, and the thicker the door panel, the better the sound insulation effect. If the door panel is engraved with patterns on both sides, it can play a certain role in absorbing sound and preventing repeated refraction of sound waves compared with a smooth door panel. The fireproof door with sealing strip around the door also has good sound insulation effect. In addition, the installation between the door pocket and the door is also the key to determine the sound insulation effect. Experts suggest that the door pocket and door should be installed by experienced professionals. If your home is on the street, you'd better replace the ordinary glass of the window on the street with sound proof glass. Because the soundproof glass is thick, ordinary window rails cannot be butted, so the window frame should also be transformed. If the transparent glass with the thickness of 5mm-8mm is used, the noise can be reduced by more than 30 dB after installing the sound insulating window. Using plastic steel doors and windows with good sealing performance can save energy by 30% to 50%, and reduce indoor noise to 1/3 of outdoor noise, maintaining at about 30 dB. Scheme 2: the decorative wall should avoid sound reflection. Walking on the hard reinforced composite wood floor will often make a loud sound, especially at night, which will make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the mute cork floor can be used. By improving the elasticity index and static bending strength of the floor, the floor has the function of sound absorption and sound insulation. Walls and floors that are too smooth will reflect sound. For example, using wallpaper, upholstery decoration, or cultural stone and other decoration materials will roughen the wall surface, which can make sound waves refract many times, thereby reducing noise





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