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The detailed rules on "automobile to the countryside" may be passed today.

due to unexpected problems in the implementation of the "home appliances to the countryside" previously carried out, the implementation rules for "automobile to the countryside" with more complex operation have been "difficult to produce". Last Friday, China Business News learned from the sources involved in the formulation of the rules that the contents of the rules have been basically finalized. After the countersignature of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other government departments, It will be signed and approved by the Ministry of finance as soon as today (9th)

the subsidy shall not be less than 10%

the State Council proposed in the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the automotive industry" released on January 14 that from March 1 to February 31, 2009, the state will arrange 5billion yuan to give one-time financial subsidies to farmers for scrapping three wheeled vehicles, purchasing light trucks and purchasing minibuses with a displacement of less than 1.3 liters. The detailed rules for implementation regulate the subsidy standard, subsidy mode, vehicle model range and other aspects in more detail

in terms of subsidy standards, consumers with rural household registration will receive a government subsidy of 10% of the vehicle price when purchasing automobile products; For the motorcycle products that were suddenly included in the category of "automobile going to the countryside" last week, peasant consumers can receive a subsidy of 13% of the vehicle price when purchasing. Cars and motorcycles cannot be transferred within two years of purchase

the same proportion as the "home appliances to the countryside" is shared by the central government and the provincial government, 80% and 20% of the subsidy funds are respectively borne by the central government and the provincial government. The method of receiving subsidies is similar to that of "sending household appliances to the countryside", that is, after farmers buy cars at the designated place, they will receive them at the designated place with the "special passbook for subsidies" and relevant invoices. If the vehicle type is changed, the vehicle scrapping certificate shall be issued

15 working days after buying or changing a car, the subsidy will be allocated from the central government to the local government. After another 30 working days, farmers can go to the township to receive it

in the range of subsidized models, it includes mini buses and light trucks, excluding micro sedan models. That is, farmers can only enjoy car purchase subsidies in two cases: first, they can directly subsidize newly purchased minibuses, and second, they can exchange scrapped light trucks (including three wheeled vehicles and low-speed trucks) for light trucks

in the selection of automobile enterprises, the bidding method of "home appliances to the countryside" is not adopted. Instead, as long as the enterprise obtains the automobile production catalogue, it can provide products to the countryside. Although there is no entry threshold, the enterprise needs to make three commitments: price assurance, quality assurance, publicity of corresponding sales points and service points, and make exit commitments

according to the source, the service point is the weakest link. Because there are many automobile brands involved, as long as the enterprises meet the national production standards can be used as the varieties to go to the countryside. Therefore, the enterprises are required to make commitments, including not raising prices, not reducing configuration, and not harming farmers. At the same time, such service points must be publicized. They can only do sales, not repair, and where to repair

"an exit mechanism has also been established. If the first two points have not been achieved and have not been corrected for several times, the qualification of products to the countryside will be cancelled, and even the qualification of manufacturers will be cancelled." These people said

drive 1million incremental cars

it is revealed that the policy does not benefit cars with a displacement of less than 1.3L at present. The purpose is very obvious, which is to promote the development of rural means of production and expand the hematopoietic function in rural areas. "It is expected to drive an increase of 1million vehicles, that is, to create 1million money making tools. Farmers' life and production have undergone qualitative changes, and their living radius and service radius have increased. Agricultural products (14.80, -0.11, -0.74%) can be sold to further places. Through many ways, the materials produced can be used to add farmers' income to the surface of the stadium."

lichenggui, director of the Rural Policy Research Office of the Institute of rural development of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that it can not be generalized that farmers in some areas with high economic development have the ability to buy cars, such as the suburban villages in the eastern coastal areas and the central and western regions, will be the main consumers

in fact, it is very difficult to implement the "automobile to the countryside". The reason why the Ministry of finance has not issued detailed rules is that it hopes to avoid various problems in the process of "home appliances to the countryside" as much as possible. "The biggest difficulty is to let the farmers make it clear, because too many people want to cheat the farmers' money, including buying, selling and serving a series of links. The detailed rules strive to reduce intermediate links as far as possible, so that the farmers can get subsidies directly."

in order to prevent automobile enterprises from increasing prices without authorization, China Automobile Circulation Association will regularly evaluate the wholesale prices of production enterprises and require enterprises not to increase prices. Industry insiders believe that the current market competition in micro cars and light trucks is extremely fierce, and rural consumers will shop around. If dealers increase prices without authorization, they are likely to lose the market quickly

in fact, in order to seize the rural market segment, many enterprises have increased their sales promotion efforts, and even subsidized consumers at their own expense while enjoying state subsidies. Jilin and other local governments have also separately issued relevant preferential policies for agriculture. According to sources, this behavior does not conflict with national policies, and the state will not object to allowing farmers to obtain greater benefits

langxuehong, deputy general manager of xinhuaxin automobile marketing solutions, said in an interview that going to the countryside may change the competition pattern of light trucks and minibuses. Taking wechat as an example, the market share of SAIC GM Wuling and Chang'an Automobile (7.07,0.09,1.29%) has exceeded 70%, and the differentiation of mainstream manufacturers with the most profits will be more prominent

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