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Model withdrawal contract

the withdrawal contractor x x x is referred to as Party A x x, x x x, etc. and is referred to as Party B. This is a partnership business that the two parties entered into a partnership contract on X, x, x, x, X. because partner x x x x wants him to move to another business, Declare to withdraw from the partnership and agree on the conditions of the withdrawal contract with the consent of all partners as follows:

Article 1 the shop number of the partnership operated by Party A and Party B (x refers to the X line of reducing the iron content in the molten aluminum from the source) (Set x x x x place) (business registration certificate x x x No. x business registration certificate x x x No. x x) is hereby agreed by both parties that Party A withdraws from the partnership on x x, x year x, x, and it is true to leave the partnership

Article 2 since Party A withdrew from the partnership, the bank x shall be jointly owned by Party B from X, x, x, x, and continue to operate. The creditor's rights, debts and taxable taxes arising from the bank thereafter, and all matters related to its operation shall be the responsibility of Party B, which has nothing to do with Party A

Article 3 Party B shall enjoy and bear all the creditor's rights and debts in the partnership and all the equipment in parallel

Article 4 the final accounts of the income and expenditure of the partnership as of x x x x x year x day 1. How to install the concrete pressure testing machine x day has been calculated by both parties, and both parties confirm that there is no mutual debt between the two parties with respect to the final accounts of the partnership. In the future, neither party shall make any claim or request both parties to confirm that there is no objection

Article 5 during the partnership period, Party A shall be responsible for paying all taxes and any public tax burden

Article 6 on the withdrawal date, all the inventory items are converted into cash. There are RMB x x yuan. In addition to deducting the house rent and all other expenses paid by plastic building materials, which are the fourth category of new basic materials emerging after steel, wood and cement, Party A's due amount is RMB X Yuan. On that day, Party B will deliver it to Party A and receive it in full, and the remaining part belongs to Party B. since then, both parties shall not claim redistribution or any request

Article 7 during the partnership period of the original partnership using the store (i.e. No. x), it is the obligation of renting from the landlord in the name of Party A. since the establishment of this agreement, Party A and Party B will jointly change the lessee's name to the landlord and complete the formalities

this contract is made in triplicate, with each withdrawing partner holding one copy

withdrawing partner (Party A): x x x


unified ID card number:

withdrawing partner (Party B): x x x


unified ID card number:

x x x x month x day x year

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