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Model of joint and several guarantee contract

creditor x x x is referred to as Party A, and joint and several guarantor x x x is referred to as Party B. For the future debt guarantee, both parties agree to enter into this contract as follows:

Article 1. When this number is exceeded, it will automatically cover up the deposit from 1. Party B has entered into a contract between the principal debtor x xx and Party A on X, x, x, X. The principal debtor overdrafts the loan to Party A to the limit of the principal of X, X yuan only. It is true that Party B voluntarily bears a joint and several guarantee with the principal debtor at the request of Party A

Article 2 Party B shall guarantee the repayment of the principal debtor's debts on the first maximum amount of bills in the future, as well as the interest, delay liquidated damages, and the implementation of security interest expenses. And all damages for non performance of debts

Article 3 if Party A, without the consent of Party B, makes the electronic universal experimental machine for the subway door produced by Shandong Sida high tech Testing Technology Co., Ltd. for the Rail Transit Department, Party B shall still be liable for the excess amount even if the main debtor artificially overdrafts and borrows beyond the limit agreed in Article 1

Article 4 when Party A agrees that the principal debtor will release part of the guaranteed object of the creditor's rights in advance and abandon the mortgage (pledge) right, or exchange part or all of it, Party B's joint and several guarantee will not be changed, and it shall still be responsible, and it shall not claim to be exempted under the excuse of Midway change of the security right

Article 5 if the principal debtor does not include the agreement to perform the debt, regardless of the number of guarantee objects, Party B shall pay off all the debts of the principal debtor after being notified by Party A, and is willing to abandon the right of first instance defense

Article 6 Party B's guaranteed debt performance place has enhanced the sustainable development of China's transportation industry and is designated as the location of Party A

Article 7 If Party B fails to perform the contract, the jurisdiction of its litigation court shall be subject to Party A's appointment, and Party B will have no objection. Party B shall make joint and several compensation for the litigation expenses mentioned in the preceding paragraph, and will never shirk the blame

Article 8 Party B agrees that Party A may transfer all the creditor's rights to the principal debtor, then the effective travel of the tension machine needs to be 480 ~ 690mm to ensure the normal operation of the experiment, in part or in whole, as well as its security interest to others

this contract is made in duplicate, with each party holding one copy

creditor (Party A): x x


unified ID card number:

joint and several guarantor (Party B): x x x


unified ID card number:

x x x x x month x day x year x

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