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Article 1 this insurance is specially held to provide economic compensation for the personal injury or property loss of a third party caused by a road traffic accident during the driving of a bicycle

Article 2 all bicycles that have passed the inspection of the municipal public security and traffic management department and have been issued with vehicle driving license and tax payment certificate can participate in bicycle third-party insurance

Insurance and compensation limit

Article 3 the insurer shall be responsible for the economic compensation that should be borne by the insured according to law in the event of a road traffic accident in which an insured bicycle runs on the roads of this city, resulting in personal injury or death or direct loss of its property to a third party. The maximum compensation limit for each accident is 20000 yuan only


Article 4 the insurer shall not be liable for compensation for the following:

first, the damage of the whole car of the insured bicycle or its parts and components and the items carried on the car (3) the sample blank is lost or stolen when it needs heat treatment

II. Personal injury or property loss caused by road traffic accidents caused by taking people with you when using bicycles (except as permitted by the public security and traffic management department)

electricity is also used well. Third, personal casualties of cyclists and their carriers

IV. intentional or illegal behavior of bicycle users

v. indirect losses and expenses caused by accidents within the scope of insurance

VI. other losses and expenses not covered by the insurance

insurance period

Article 5 the insurance period is one year, from 0:00 on the inception date to 24:00 on the expiration date. When the insurance expires, another procedure will be handled. China will speed up the construction of a batch of rare earth deep processing projects without surrender

insurance premium

Article 6 the annual insurance premium is 5 yuan only

obligations of the insured

Article 7 the insured shall pay the premium at one time when the insurer issues the insurance policy

Article 8 the insured shall do a good job in the maintenance of the insured bicycle to keep it suitable for normal driving

Article 9 the insured shall consciously abide by the road traffic regulations. After a traffic accident occurs, reasonable rescue and protection measures should be taken, and immediately report to the public security and traffic management department, and notify the insurer at the same time

Article 10 if the insured fails to perform the obligations of the above clauses, the insurer has the right to refuse to compensate

compensation processing

Article 11 when claiming for compensation, the insured shall provide the insurer with a valid insurance policy, accident certificate, accident mediation or court ruling issued by the public security and traffic management department, relevant expense documents, loss list and relevant hospital disability certificate, as well as other certificates that the insurer deems necessary. The insurer shall promptly conduct the examination and make compensation within the limit of compensation according to the insurance

Article 12 the insurer has the right to refuse to pay compensation or recover the paid insurance benefits if the insured commits fraudulent acts such as making a false report or creating a false case. If the circumstances are serious, they will be investigated for legal action

Article 13 the insurer has the right to re verify or refuse to compensate the expenses promised or paid by the insured

Article 14 the insurer shall only bear the economic compensation that the insured should bear according to law, and the aftermath of the accident shall be handled by the insured himself

Article 15 in order to enhance the insured's traffic safety, the absolute deductible for each third-party accident is 50 yuan only

Article 16 the insurer shall pay one-time compensation for each accident. Once the compensation is paid, the insurance of the accident will be terminated and will no longer be responsible

Article 17 after each accident is handled and compensated, one fundamental task during the page processing of the insurance policy continues to be valid until the expiration of the insurance period

Article 18 the insured shall submit all necessary documents specified in Article 11 within six months from the date of the settlement of the traffic accident, or handle the procedures for receiving the insurance benefits within one year from the date when the insurer notifies the insured to receive the insurance benefits

dispute settlement

Article 19 in case of a dispute between the insured and the insurer and no agreement can be reached, the insured may apply to the arbitration authority for arbitration or bring a lawsuit to the people's court

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