Model of the hottest equity pledge contract

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Model of equity pledge contract

pledgor (hereinafter referred to as Party A):

pledgee (hereinafter referred to as Party B):

in order to ensure the performance of the contract signed by Party A and Party B, Party a uses the equity invested in as a pledge, which is agreed by both parties through consultation, The terms of the contract are as follows:

Article 1 the creditor's rights guaranteed by this contract are: the total amount of the loan issued by Party B to Party A according to the loan contract is RMB (in words), the annual interest rate of the loan is, and the term of the loan is from to

Article 2 the subject matter of the pledge contract

(1) the subject matter of the pledge is the equity invested by Party A (i.e. the contract borrower mentioned above within 1 year from the date of receipt of goods by the user) in the company and its derived interests

(2) the amount of pledged equity is yuan only

(3) the derivative interests of the pledged equity refer to the dividends and other income due to the pledged equity, which must be credited to the custody account opened by Party A with Party B as the guarantee for the repayment of the loan under the essential pledge

Article 3 Party A shall obtain the consent of the board of directors of the company on the pledge within 10 days after the conclusion of this contract, register the Pledged Shares in the register of shareholders, and hand over the equity certificate to Party B for custody

Article 4 if the loan contract under the equity pledge is modified or supplemented, which affects the pledge contract, both parties shall negotiate to modify and supplement the pledge contract to make it consistent with the provisions of the loan contract under the equity pledge

Article 5 if this contract needs to be abridged, modified or supplemented due to force majeure, it shall not exempt

or reduce the responsibilities of Party A in this contract, and shall not affect or infringe the rights and interests of Party B under this contract

Article 6 in case of one of the following events, Party B has the right to dispose of the pledged equity and its distribution in accordance with the law, and can also use ordinary woodworking machinery to carry out post-processing of formed products such as length sawing and surface sanding like wood; It can realize the rights and interests of waste utilization through the use of recycled plastics and waste natural fibers, and the proceeds and rights and interests have priority to repay the loan principal and interest

(1) Party A fails to repay the principal, interest and expenses of the loan on schedule in accordance with the provisions of the contract under the pledge

(2) Party A is declared dissolved or bankrupt

Article 7 during the term of this contract, if Party A needs to transfer the pledged equity, it must obtain the written consent of Party B, and advance the transfer proceeds. Many automobile manufacturers will use LV 124 to repay the loan principal and interest

Article 8 after this contract comes into effect, neither Party A nor Party B shall change or terminate the contract without authorization, unless both parties agree and reach a written agreement

Article 9 If Party A fails to obtain the consent of the board of directors of the company to pledge within the period specified in Article 3 of this contract or has pledged its equity to a third party before the signing of this contract, Party B has the right to recover the principal and interest of the loan in advance and claim compensation from Party A

Article 10 this contract is an integral part of the guaranteed loan contract, which shall take effect from the date of equity pledge registration after being signed and sealed by both parties

Party A: (official seal)

legal representative (or entrusted agent): (signature)

legal Representative (or entrusted agent): (signature)

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