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To the branch:

according to the loan contract signed between you and our company on mm/DD/YY, the equity invested by our company is mortgaged, and your bank agrees to issue a loan with a total amount of to our company, and the annual interest rate of the loan is to move forward to serve the enterprise to solve the difficulties, The term of the loan is from mm/DD/yyyy to mm/DD/yyyy. Therefore, this mortgage is hereby set. This mortgage is unconditional and irrevocable and is an integral part of the above loan contract

I. collateral

1. Collateral is the equity invested by the mortgagor (i.e. the borrower in the above contract) in the company and its derived interests

2. The amount of mortgaged equity is

3. The representative manufacturers under the mortgage are the rights and interests of steel mills such as Pangang, Chengde Steel, Chengde Jianlong and 4 chuanchuanwei, which means that the dividends and other income due under the mortgage equity must be transferred to the custody account opened by the mortgagor in your bank and supervised by your bank as a guarantee for the repayment of the loan under this mortgage

II. The mortgagor's statement and guarantee

1. The mortgagor's mortgage behavior has been approved by the resolution of the board of directors of the company

2. Before signing this mortgage, the mortgagor has not mortgaged this mortgage equity to any other third party, and will not mortgage or transfer this mortgage equity to any third party during the validity of this mortgage

3. The mortgagor will not sign any contract or agreement with any third party that is detrimental to your interests due to debt repayment or other reasons

4. If the loan contract under the equity mortgage is modified or supplemented, which affects the validity of this mortgage, the mortgagor will modify and supplement this mortgage accordingly to make it consistent with the requirements of the loan contract under the equity mortgage

5. If this mortgage must be abridged, modified or supplemented due to force majeure, the mortgagor guarantees that any change will not exempt or reduce the mortgagor's obligations in this mortgage, and will not affect or infringe all your rights and interests under this mortgage

6. Your bank has the right to retain the registration of the mortgaged equity, and the mortgagor is obliged to assist in handling the equity registration matters

III. disposal of collateral

in case of one or more of the following events, your bank has the right to dispose of the collateral and its derived rights and interests in accordance with the procedures and methods specified in the loan contract under this equity mortgage, and the proceeds and rights and interests have priority to repay the principal, interest and expenses of your loan under this equity mortgage

1. The statements and guarantees made by the mortgagor in this mortgage are untrue or not performed

2. The mortgagor cannot repay the principal, interest and expenses of the loan on time according to the provisions of the contract under the mortgage due to the residual water in the wood flour and the existence of low boiling point volatile materials in the wood flour

3. the mortgagor has other violations of this mortgage or the loan contract under this mortgage

the mortgagor has taken various measures to deal with the collateral against your bank, including Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. to introduce you to the technical knowledge you don't know: (1) actively deduct money from the mortgagor's custody account and deposit account; (2) Declare to own the mortgaged equity, and legally replace the mortgagor's shareholder status in the company; (3) If the mortgaged equity is transferred, sold, auctioned or disposed of by other means according to law, the mortgagor unconditionally waives the right of defense

IV. term of validity

1. This mortgage will take effect after the effective signature and seal of the mortgagor

2. This mortgage will continue to be valid until the principal, interest and expenses of the loan under this mortgage are fully paid off

official seal of the mortgagor (i.e. the borrower)

signature of the authorized person

legal address

notarial seal of the notary office


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