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Agilent released the 10MHz function arbitrary waveform generator 33210A

Agilent technology company recently launched a new member of the function/arbitrary waveform generator series 33210A, which provides high-quality waveforms at an economical price. For the design, development and test engineers who need lower frequency and higher accuracy, this new instrument can easily generate various required waveforms in workbench and system applications

Agilent technology system production is completely different from the traditional chemical rocket products department. Garywhitman, vice president and general manager, said: "Engineers engaged in R & D and manufacturing need the most convenient way to generate accurate and reliable waveforms, and only want to buy the functions they need. 33210A can produce waveforms with stable amplitude and low harmonic distortion, which is extremely important for engineers to test and verify the devices and circuits they design. Users only need to press the least buttons to produce high-quality signals, or at a low price Grid to get all customized waveforms. "

33210a provides 10 kinds of built-in waveform signals with stability, accuracy and low distortion. This is the latest member of Agilent's basic measuring instruments. Together with Agilent's classic 33220A and 33250A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators with higher performance and frequency, it has formed a more perfect product series. The front panel of the instrument has a bright, clear and easy-to-use display, so that users can quickly set and generate various types of signals without programming the instrument. For more complex waveforms, the optional 14bit50msa/s8k point arbitrary waveform generator (option 002) can be added to the basic unit

33210a fully complies with lxiclassc specification. It has standard USB2.0, 10/100base-t and therefore Ethernet (LAN) and GPIB interfaces. With LXI vigorously promoting the use characteristics of biodegradable agricultural film, engineers can realize fast, simple and almost zero cost connection to PC or network. In addition, you can remotely operate the instrument on any browser by simply connecting to its built-in web page

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