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Model of fresh egg purchase and sales contract


address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________


address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

in accordance with the contract law of the people's Republic of China and other relevant laws, this contract is signed by both parties through negotiation, and is jointly observed and strictly performed

Article 1 product name, unit of measurement, quantity

Article 2 product quality and standards: the fresh eggs sold by the supplier to the demander should be fresh and complete, not damaged, not deteriorated, and the surface frame of the fresh eggs should be kept clean, not stained with dirt and other things

Article 3 packaging requirements: hard plastic boxes and wooden boxes shall be prepared by the supplier or rented from the demander, and the supplier shall pay the demander a deposit and royalties

Article 4 price or pricing method: implement seasonal price difference throughout the year. In the peak season of acquisition, the protective price of low volume shall be implemented, and eggs shall be sold per Jin____ Yuan, the PMMA material that has been registered by Evonik provides a high gloss class a surface paste feed____ Jin; Duck eggs per kilogram____ Yuan, subsidized feed____ Jin

Article 5. Place of acquisition: \\\\\\

Article 6 delivery method and freight burden: the verticality shall not be greater than 0.3/1000. The supplier must provide its own vehicles, vessels or other means of transportation when sending fresh eggs to the buyer's warehouse. After receiving the goods, the Demander shall subsidize the transportation fee and loss per 100 Jin according to the actual quantity____ Yuan, paid to the food station without allowance for freight and miscellaneous charges and losses

Article 7 acceptance method and time limit: after the supplier delivers the fresh eggs, the demander will weigh and inspect them in turn, and the acceptance will be completed within 24 hours. The demander will subsidize the loss of _uu___% after the overdue acceptance

Article 8 payment settlement method: after the demander passes the acceptance, it shall pay the payment to the supplier in time

Article 9 excess and shortage range: if the delivery quantity is within 5% of the excess and shortage specified in the contract by month, it will not be treated as a breach of contract

Article 10 breach of contract: for each kilogram of fresh eggs owed by the supplier in breach of contract, the losses of the Demander shall be compensated____ Yuan. If the demander refuses to accept a kilo of fresh eggs in breach of contract, the supplier will be compensated for the loss____ Yuan

Article 11 other agreements: the supplier's existing production layer____ Duck, egg duck____ Only if it needs to be eliminated and updated, the supply quantity can be reduced only with the agreement of both parties

once this contract is signed, it will be legally binding. Both parties must fully perform their obligations under the contract and shall not change or terminate it unilaterally. In case of force majeure and failure to perform the contract, they shall timely notify the other party to change or terminate the contract in writing

Article 12 this contract is made in two originals, one for each party, and both copies have the same effect

Article 13 the contract shall be valid from____ Year____ Month____ Solstice____ Year____ Month____ End of day

supplier:________________________ (seal)


____ Year__ Month__ Daily

demander:________________________ (seal)


____ Year__ Month__ Day

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