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Model of futures commission contract (power of attorney and agency agreement)

futures commission contract

power of attorney

this is to entrust XX securities company (hereinafter referred to as your company) to act as an agent for the trading of futures commodities and related businesses. I am willing to abide by the following provisions:

1. For the trading of futures entrusted, your company will sign a contract with the other party on behalf of me, Or your company may entrust an agent to sign a contract with the other party

2. If the contract is concluded in China, it shall be concluded in accordance with the relevant domestic laws and regulations; if it is abroad, it shall be concluded in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country where it is located. The contract signed on behalf of me shall be fully effective for me, and I shall not have any objection

3. After the conclusion of this entrustment contract, your company should formally execute the transactions in my account after I sign a separate letter of authorization. All transactions will take effect immediately after I sign it. I will bear the obligations and consequences I should bear. This authorization will continue to be valid unless I notify your company in writing

4. I shall bear all the expenses, including taxes, transportation, warehousing, management and other reasonable expenses, incurred by your company or your agent due to the conclusion of the above contract, or the purchase and sale and related businesses

5. The name, trademark, specification, number, price, contract and date of delivery and payment of the goods entrusted for purchase and sale shall be separately filled in the "order", which shall be signed or sealed by myself or the authorized person designated by me, and sent to your company for verification before implementation. If the price of the goods is not filled out or agreed by me or the authorized person, that is, the price published by your company on the same day or at that time shall prevail, and your company shall enter the order. I agree with you and have no objection

6. I can guarantee that the goods entrusted for purchase and sale are delivered and received in cash and real goods, and I am responsible for performing the obligations stipulated in the contract. I should deposit a fixed amount of security deposit in your company in advance (the amount should be handled according to the regulations of the exchange), so that if I have the money I should be responsible for and fail to pay in time, your company will handle it at its sole discretion, and your company will notify me afterwards. The procedures for doing so are complete, and I have no objection

7. The amount of the above margin will be increased or reduced by your company according to the actual situation of the goods I entrusted to buy and sell. If the amount of the margin is not adjusted according to the regulations, your company can stop acting as my agent for me to buy and sell, and if necessary, you can terminate the entrustment relationship and settle the income and expenditure accounts. If there is any shortage, you can recover compensation according to law, or leave all my goods at your disposal. If I have other violations of the contract, your company can also do so

8. If I have actual difficulties or special reasons and cannot deliver or receive the physical goods, please calculate the book after closing the contract, and I will be responsible for its loss or income

9. Your company is entrusted to buy and sell goods. The communication and business expenses required by your company are calculated according to the accounting standards (according to the transaction rules), and I am responsible for paying the expenses

10 the limit is that the goods I entrust your company to buy and sell can not be touched on the diaphragm for the longest time. I will handle all the import and export and other formalities as well as the opening of the letter of credit by myself

11. I will keep the specimen signature and seal for your company to check

12. I should register the agreed contact information and my mailing address with your company. Please use it according to. If any incorrect effect occurs, I am responsible for it. If the mailing address and the agreed contact method need to be changed, I should re register with your company. Otherwise, I will be responsible for any damage caused thereby, which has nothing to do with your company

13. Within three days after the mailing of the order execution statement and bill sent by your company to me, unless I or your company is a pair of managers of the management department of the contradiction department to the enterprise, they are considered to be correct and cannot raise an objection

14. The formats of orders, notices, seal cards, registers, account books and related documents are all ordered by your company

15. If the contents agreed in this power of attorney are not perfect, your company can modify or supplement them at its discretion, and it will take effect after notifying me of my approval

16. In case of legal disputes, legal proceedings shall be carried out in accordance with the legal provisions of the people's Republic of China in China, and all costs arising therefrom shall be borne by the losing party alone

17. The provisions of this power of attorney are valid for me to entrust your company to buy and sell commodities and related businesses in the future. This contract will remain valid unless both parties agree to terminate the contract. I also entrust your company to sign and execute the transactions in my account on my behalf

18. The occurrence of all my purchase and sale orders can be regarded as my deliberate decision. The lithium salt production capacity of your company this year is about 30000 tons. The materials and information provided are for my reference only, and are not a guarantee of trading profits

19. The trading rules formulated by your company shall be regarded as a part of this entrustment contract and shall be observed by both parties. I accept a copy of your trading rules when signing this entrustment contract

20. I hereby declare that I have read and fully understand the provisions of this power of attorney, and hereby sign as follows

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