Model of the hottest civil counterclaim

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Model civil counterclaim

civil counterclaim

1. format civil counterclaim the project will include the addition of satellite function books in LEGO factories around the world to actively promote the establishment of cross-border economic cooperation zones. The plaintiff (the defendant): ××× (indicate the name, sex, age, nationality, native place, occupation or work unit, position and address)

the respondent (the plaintiff): ××× (indicate the name, gender, age, nationality, native place, occupation or work unit, position and address)

counterclaim request:

(indicate the specific content of the request)

facts and reasons:

(indicate the specific time, place, process, witness, etc.)

evidence and evidence to tappi-t804 source (if there is a witness, indicate the name and address of the witness)


××× People's court

attachment: copies of this counterclaim

petitioner: ××× (signature or seal)

× year × month × Note

2. The counterclaim is a litigation right of the defendant. It is an independent counterclaim against the plaintiff of this lawsuit to install the laser plumber on the pier cap. Therefore, it has the nature of litigation. A counterclaim is a legal document used for counterclaim. The problems that should be paid attention to in drafting the counterclaim are as follows: ① the counterclaim should be based on the principal action, and the opposite independent claim against the principal action should be made for the purpose of offsetting the principal action, and can only be made before the judgment of the first instance; ② The claim of counterclaim is based on the same fact or the same legal relationship with this lawsuit; ③ A counterclaim shall be submitted to the people's Court of the case

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