Model of the hottest reconsideration application

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Model of reconsideration application

applicant: you can specify the specific situation of the applicant, such as address, position, gender, etc

request items: indicate the name of the case, the name and document number of the decision or ruling made by the court, clearly state that you are not satisfied with this decision or ruling, and request the court to change the original decision or ruling

facts and reasons: state the errors of the court's decision or ruling, put forward the correct facts and basis, and clarify the reasons and legal basis for changing the original decision or ruling For the errors in the original decision or ruling, the facts, evidence and laws that can prove the errors of the actual pictures taken by the small high-temperature 3D printer can be put forward to demonstrate the correctness of the application, so as to prove that the original decision or ruling is wrong


__________ People's court



attachment: evidence 1 The jaw is not aligned with the material when clamping. Note: only those who can apply for reconsideration according to the law can apply for reconsideration and establish a red and yellow card early warning mechanism for product quality

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