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How Chinese packaging enterprises face the network economy (Part 2)

Second, vigorously promote enterprise informatization in combination with reality and enhance enterprise competitiveness

we believe that in the early stage of e-commerce, enterprises can focus on establishing corporate image, carrying out marketing, looking for trading partners, exploring new business development models, etc., especially in the development of international markets, we should start early and quickly, Whoever takes the lead in e-commerce will have tomorrow

after joining the WTO, Chinese enterprises will face more intense and brutal international competition, and must have more powerful promotion means and more effective business capabilities than international competitors. To this end, we suggest that we should take planned and step-by-step actions in the following aspects to promote the development of e-commerce in China's packaging enterprises to a new stage:

(I) strengthen policy support and strengthen the economic awareness of leaders at all levels

China's e-commerce law and security environment have been greatly improved in 2000, and the "China e-commerce framework" prepared by the State Informatization Office is expected to be published and implemented, Relevant e-commerce regulations and management plans are expected to be issued. All this has created a good external environment for the rapid development of the economy in China compared with ABS

at present, the most critical factor in the implementation of enterprise e-commerce system is the attention of leaders at all levels of the enterprise and their careful organization and implementation. At present, the phenomenon of "one hot and one cold" in the field of e-commerce (that is, it manufacturers are hot and traditional enterprises are cold) highlights the lack of understanding of the real role of e-commerce in all aspects, resulting in prominent simple business behavior. There are few successful examples that can achieve actual results because of the uncertainty between the hardness of the standard surface and the back

(II) accelerate the construction of environmental facilities to provide a good development foundation for enterprises

the packaging industry to carry out e-commerce. Due to the particularity of its industry, it needs special auxiliary conditions to ensure the smooth development of e-commerce business. Therefore, we should build international products around packaging e-commerce as soon as possible

(III) accelerate the reserve of information resources and improve the internal network system of enterprises as soon as possible. The basis of network economy is information technology, which is realized through information equipment, information resources and information talents. Therefore, the entry point of increasing informatization investment should focus on expanding the ability of information resource collection, processing, analysis and application, and to achieve this, we must have a good management mechanism and a technically competent informatization team

the development of e-commerce in foreign packaging enterprises is based on the original mature enterprise CMIS and ERP systems. Due to the perfect and effective operation of its original system, e-commerce can quickly play its role. According to the survey of 300 key enterprises in China, 70% of enterprises believe that enterprises have insufficient investment in informatization. By the end of 1998, the cumulative investment of these 300 enterprises in information technology and equipment accounted for only 0.3% of the total assets, which was far from the level that large enterprises in developed countries invested in informatization accounting for 8% - 10% of the total assets. Due to the low level of information management, the mismatching between the management mode and the modern enterprise operation mode, and the lack of an effective e-marketing system to match it, China's packaging enterprises are bound to cause difficulties in the development of e-commerce business. Therefore, in the establishment of modern enterprise information engineering, we should adopt the principle of system engineering, improve the internal network system of the enterprise as soon as possible, and strengthen the collection, standardization and storage system construction of information resources, such as the payment members of mercantile connect, the main industry and the registration industry must be consistent in principle, and the number of tradable business opportunities should not be less than 30

(IV) establish strategic alliance cooperation and explore a new development mode of network economy

the development of network economy fundamentally breaks the frame of traditional industrial operation mode. An enterprise is no longer all producers whose products utilize the unidirectional transmission characteristics of worm gear reducer 3. Rapid and effective cooperation between enterprises will become the most basic form of economic operation in the future, and the socialized division of labor will be more and more detailed, The level of specialization will also be higher and higher. Networks provide good technical conditions for the establishment of such strategic alliances among enterprises. In view of the current situation of information technology development in the packaging industry, we suggest that on the one hand, enterprises should strengthen their own information construction and joint development work, and integrate the traditional marketing mode with network marketing as soon as possible; On the other hand, we should make full use of the existing public e-commerce platform to carry out the release of product supply and demand information and the construction of enterprise e-commerce stations, so as to directly promote the production and business activities of enterprises; Use the Internet to explore new business partners and organizational business management processes, and improve the level of enterprise products and services. Enterprises with mature conditions can explore attempts to carry out trade, and pay attention to finding new growth points of the network economy. At present, Chinese packaging enterprises generally do not connect their own advertisements, exhibitions, product packaging, etc. with enterprise Internet stations, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources. Therefore, traditional enterprises must pay attention to protecting their intellectual property rights and information resources in the network field and make full use of them, so that we can remain invincible in the future network economy era

(V) actively explore the international market and obtain greater benefits through e-commerce

facing the international competitive environment, the challenges of large international packaging enterprises, and the pressure of China's entry into the WTO, we can't help but ask: are you ready for China's packaging enterprises

under the influence of the Asian financial crisis, China's total import and export volume in 1999 remained strong, with both imports and exports hitting a record high. However, China's old foreign trade system and mode of operation have failed to give full play to the competitive advantages of our products, such as complicated commodity trading links, brokers' withholding of benefits, seriously lagging information feedback, low international popularity, etc., all of which make our enterprises unable to compete equally with foreign enterprises on the same starting line. Internationally renowned packaging companies are actively exploring the use of Internet to expand their business scope, especially some emerging products and emerging enterprises take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of e-commerce to seize the spotlight. China's packaging enterprises should also take advantage of this opportunity to actively expand overseas markets. With the further liberalization of the import and export rights of Chinese enterprises and the acceleration of China's accession to the WTO, Chinese enterprises will take advantage of the east wind of the network economy to go abroad and enter the world packaging market

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