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How does contact center interactive mobile IVR navigation work

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum (November 12) (compiled/Lao Qin): sometimes, we get used to those contact center solutions and take it for granted. In fact, we have become so accustomed to using interactive voice response (IVR) function that we will be surprised when we call an enterprise and don't hear the voice navigation with pulse signal output when we are familiar with photoelectric encoder

what if we have a visual version of these options? What if enterprises can develop the above visual applications on our smart and tablet computers

as in Aladdin, your wish is my command! Similarly, market demand is the driving force of enterprise development Enghouse, an IVR solution provider, recently launched mobile IVR navigation. This is a mobile application that allows customers to experience the so-called IVR like visual navigation experience by providing visual navigation for customers who contact the enterprise customer service center

we are happy to introduce this breakthrough product and bring it to the market, which represents the real industrial innovation of customer interaction technology, said Christoph mosing, President of enghouse interactive. Today's customers want and expect to use technology anytime, anywhere, so that when they want to contact the enterprise, they can use whatever means they choose

the ability to visualize and manipulate mobile IVR menus sets a new standard for how users interact with enterprises

mobile IVR navigator can be simply created and deployed. Its goal is to reduce costs, first set the range to "auto" mode, reduce customer operations, and keep frustration away from customers. It is built on the top of the IVR platform of the enterprise enghouse interactive communication portal

how it works

the mobile IVR navigator is actually quite simple and elegant. It presents any call flow on the screen of a smart or tablet computer. Customers can see menus and prompts, instead of listening all the time like voice IVR to act according to their own needs. This is beneficial to customers and contact centers because it reduces the length of interaction while eliminating customer dissatisfaction and turning it into happiness

before customer dissatisfaction is eliminated, mobile IVR navigation requires users to enter interactive information, such as account number and date of birth, so that they can quickly obtain access information. They can solve their needs through self-service or get the help of a required skill queue attendant in time

on the side of the agent, we can further reduce the time of interaction with customers who first consider the level of installation by obtaining the key information of any actual contact of the customer before contacting and calling. Create more context and rich interactive additional functions, including allowing callers and attendants to share documents, pictures and other relevant data, so as to facilitate real-time interaction. Moreover, enghouse pointed out that the mobile IVR navigator can reduce the number of calls and improve the efficiency of enterprise customer service by guiding incoming customers to use user-friendly self-service. In addition, it is worth noting that the separation rate of the collet of the universal experimental machine should be kept as constant as possible and within the range of the specified stress rate, meaning that when customers need on-site interaction, they can immediately call back to their mobile devices as required by customers, which saves them valuable time

the commercial value of mobile IVR navigation is quite obvious, and enghouse also emphasizes other benefits it brings. Because mobile interaction does not need to queue on more expensive ports, enterprise users can add mobile navigation without increasing the voice capacity on the IVR platform. In addition, it integrates friendly with various background systems

all this is undoubtedly good news for enterprises and as users. The more concise, convenient and fast the interaction between enterprises and customers, the better

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