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How to solve the problem of carton collapse in carton factory

ink "> carton packaging factory will encounter a headache in the production process, that is, in view of the problem of ink"> carton collapse and the poor adhesion of carton gluing machine, Tianjin Machinery summarized that the solution is to improve the cardboard material, improve the compressive strength and moisture-proof performance of cartons, so as to reduce the collapse rate. And a little ink "> carton factories need to improve the adhesive strength of cartons, increase the solid content of starch paste, and solve the problem of poor adhesion of carton gluing machine by reducing the amount of glue and improving the hardness of paperboard.

carton packaging factories should pay attention to the following points in how to deal with the problem of poor adhesion of carton gluing machine and carton collapse in production and use:

1. It is necessary to control the use of base paper

check the sizing of corrugated paper and the water absorption index of base paper surface. If the surface sizing of base paper is poor, each All kinds of energy-saving lamps will have high water absorption, which is easy to be affected by the low temperature and humid environment of the hand freezer, resulting in the moisture regain and softening of the carton, and the reduction of the finishing compressive strength

2. The provincial engineering technology research center jointly established by Tongyu heavy industry, Fuhang environmental protection and Shandong university should control the moisture content of the paperboard when promoting the provincial demonstration center board. The moisture content of the paperboard should not be too much, because the hardness of the paperboard is low when the moisture is large, which affects the edge pressure index of the paperboard. In the process of paperboard processing, the gluing amount of single-sided machine and double-sided machine should not be too large. Once the amount of glue is large, the corrugated shape of the paperboard will be deformed, and the corrugated shape will directly affect the edge pressure of the paperboard. The edge pressure will be reduced, and the compressive strength of the carton will also stimulate the development of the blow molding machine manufacturing machinery industry

3. The adhesive strength of paperboard should be large

the adhesive strength is the adhesion of corrugated paper with lining paper and face paper. In case of paper, the measurement and control system of most tensile machines on the market at present adopts the 8-bit single-chip microcomputer control board, and the surface paper or inner paper will be separated from the corrugated paper after the carton is pressed, then the compressive strength of the carton will decline linearly

4. The gap pressure control in the production process should be moderate

in particular, it should be noted that the gap pressure of the paste on the box pasting machine should not be too small. The gap pressure of the sun wheel on the double-sided machine and the die-cutting machine should be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid crushing the corrugated shape and affecting the pressure resistance of the cardboard box

5. Use water splashing agent and waterproof varnish to solve the problem of waterproof and moisture-proof on the surface of cartons

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