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How do agents weave winter cotton padded clothes

introduction: an interview with Li Wenqi, chairman of Hunan Lutong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., showed that the market depression in China's e-commerce industry was everywhere. At the end of July 2008, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, publicly shouted to all employees of the group that the next winter would be longer than you expected! Colder! More

interview with Li Wenqi, chairman of Hunan Lutong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.

in 2008, the market depression in China's e-commerce industry was everywhere. At the end of July 2008, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, publicly shouted to all employees of the group, "the next winter will be longer than everyone imagined! Colder! More complex!" At the "second APEC but in application Asia Pacific SME summit" held on August 2, 2008, Jack Ma once again elaborated on the "winter theory", claiming that "the world has entered the most complex and difficult period since World War II", and said that Alibaba is ready for the winter and hopes to have a few years of rest

since the middle of 2011, the construction machinery industry in China has been facing a cold wave. As agents fighting at the forefront of the market, they feel this most deeply. Many industry veterans have also mentioned the "winter theory". Recently, "construction machinery" interviewed Li Wenqi, chairman of Hunan Lutong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. he said: "it is not necessarily a good thing for the industry to overheat and advance, and sometimes it is not a bad thing to let the brain cold. Using the '39 days' just to work hard as an interior parts to refine their own enterprise, from the aspects of personnel and management, strive to forge a good cotton padded clothes, and help enterprises not to fear the cold."

sitting in a taxi in Changsha in the rain, the taxi brother jokingly told: "Changsha has rained three times this year, each for a month, and there are too few days with the sun." The worry is not that there is too much rain, but that this long rainy season may seriously affect the equipment rental rate of construction machinery users. Many projects may also be delayed due to rain, and users can't earn money, making the construction machinery industry "leaky houses happen every night". It seems that this winter in the construction machinery industry may be colder than that of Ma Yun

as soon as chairman Li Wenqi took his seat in the spacious office, the assistant first made us a cup of hot tea, sipped a sip of hot tea, and threw the feeling of just being in the taxi to President Li. I didn't expect him to laugh, "your feeling is really appropriate. Hunan has indeed had too many rainy days this year, which makes the construction machinery market in Hunan even worse, colder than other brother markets. But the cold is not necessarily a good thing for us. Agents are soldiers in the commercial war. Only after experiencing the baptism of the brutal war and surviving, they are real soldiers."

accumulate talents: "winter" is a good opportunity to seek talents

in the current market environment, some agents use layoffs to reduce operating costs to keep out the cold, but Hunan Lutong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. does the opposite, spending a lot of money to stabilize and expand the talent team. Li Wenqi stressed that the current market is very depressed, and some companies rely on layoffs to reduce pressure, but Lutong is increasing its talent reserve. In April, 2011, there were more than 40 salespersons in Lutong company. In April this year, it has reached more than 150 people. "The bad market situation is the best time to hone, train and test people, and it is also a good opportunity for us to reserve talents. We remove the worries of our employees economically and work with them to plan a practical blueprint for their struggle, so that employees will not be impetuous, confident and targeted. This Spring Festival is an active period of talent flow, but we do not have a mobile or lost employee, but increased after the Spring Festival Dozens of employees. "

the charm of Hunan Lutong machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. to attract talents widely lies in: first, they provide a platform for each employee to give full play to their abilities, and there are no restrictions, so that employees can not develop and consider problems best. Secondly, they actively encourage all employees to innovate, and they must innovate. Even if the innovation process fails, the company will not only not punish, but also reward. Li Wenqi said that supporting employees' innovation also means allowing failure in the innovation process. There will be many difficulties in the process of innovation. The company will go all out to support (4) plug and unplug the interface on the controller. You must turn off the power of the controller and hold the employees to overcome the difficulties. If you can't overcome these difficulties successfully, the company will support you to continue to innovate. This is the consistent purpose of Lutong company. Now their employees are growing and developing in an innovative environment

execution speed: whoever is fast will win in the business war

Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group, once put forward a well-known business question, "how can a stone float on the water?" The ordinary 3-ton wire insulation tensile testing machine on the market usually adopts the conventional electronic universal testing machine for experiments. Ruimin's answer is "speed". Speed determines the outcome. In the market wave, whoever is fast wins. Business war is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall back. If you advance slowly, you will fall back. From the chairman of the board of directors to ordinary employees, Lutong company also attaches importance to the vigorous execution, in addition to the heavy innovation. Everything decided at the meeting tonight must be carried out tomorrow. In the process of implementation, some people may have various ideas, afraid of failure and facing so many difficulties and resistance, but from the perspective of the company's senior management, they do not take any difficulties and resistance as an excuse to interfere with the execution, and the execution of speed and quality is one of the biggest characteristics of Lutong company

the rapid development of Lutong company for many years is mainly due to the innovation consciousness of all members and the excellent execution of the company. Li Wenqi told Lutong that the chairman of the company did not have the final say. In fact, many important decisions such as some strategic planning and sales policies were based on the wisdom of all employees. "I just integrate all their innovations and implement them later, but I implement them very strictly."

the market situation in 2011 was not good, but the business growth rate of Lutong company last year exceeded 60%. Since this year, the market is still very weak, but Li Wenqi believes that Lutong company will not be very bad. They will try to maintain last year's sales performance and may also achieve growth. "Because we have talent reserves, our employees have become stronger after so many years of training and tempering. In the face of this year's weak market, we appear more confident and have increased on the basis of last year. We are confident that our performance will continue to be close to expectations."

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