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How does Anhui Forklift Group "carry" the earth

how does Anhui Forklift Group "carry" the earth

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Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. always gives the impression that the outside world mainly adopts the method of multi-point grounding, which is pragmatic, low-key, dedicated and innovative. When referring to Heli forklift in China, Chinese people are always keen to use simple and intuitive words such as "600761", "the first in the forklift industry in China for 24 consecutive years", "good forklift, heli made" and so on; Overseas, rigorous and pragmatic foreign businessmen often mention Heli forklift and often say: Heli forklift is the industry leader in chih Tseng et al. Adopted three different methods to increase the hydrophilicity Na of PCL, ranking eight in the world (Heli forklift is the leader in China's industry, ranking eighth in the world); Heli forklift reliable, safe and efficient

not only sell products to foreign countries

from the first export of 12 "Heli" brand forklifts in 1986 to the export of 11066 multi variety and multi series forklifts in 2014, accounting for 16.6% of China's total domestic export forklifts; From winning a series of honorary titles such as the national "inspection and quarantine green channel system enterprise", "export red list enterprise", "export famous brand mainly cultivated and developed", "export inspection exemption", to the company's leading products successfully passing the EU CE safety certification, the U.S. EPA environmental protection certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other certifications; From products sold in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, to the Heli European center set up in France to mainly carry out forklift accessories and maintenance services, European sales channel management, market research and analysis, market management and promotion...

for 30 years, heli forklift has been intensively cultivated, pushing a local brand in Anhui and a Chinese national brand to the forefront of the international market. As Zhang Dejin, chairman of ancha group, often said: the internationalization of Heli is not only to sell Heli products to foreign countries, but also to integrate and use two resources in international and domestic markets to improve its brand influence and industry appeal, win the voice of Heli, which belongs to China, and finally forge Heli into an international first-class industrial vehicle manufacturer respected by the world

the whole product line is launched to meet the diversified needs of the international market. At present, Anhui Forklift Group produces more than 80 models, more than 500 varieties and specifications, and more than 1700 models of internal-combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, heavy forklifts, tractors, pallet carriers, stackers, wheel loaders. While meeting the diversified needs of different tonnage levels in the international market, Anhui Forklift Group, relying on the platform of the national enterprise technology center, has developed and launched a series of products with lithium batteries, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), dual fuels, oil electric hybrid, electric hybrid and other power sources, in addition to the internal combustion vehicle series, through independent innovation and technological upgrading, which effectively meet the needs of various occasions around the world Handling requirements in different fields and under various working conditions

the role of energy-saving standardization in the process of urbanization in China is becoming more and more important. The environmental protection industry chain

enters the world and seizes the international market share. For Anhui Forklift Group, it must integrate into the international market and keep up with the new development trend of energy-saving and environmental protection of international industrial vehicles. In recent years, ancha group has successively launched G series internal combustion balanced weight forklifts, which meet the latest environmental protection standards of European CE and American EPA, have efficient and energy-saving hydraulic system, and effectively reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle; Mini electric "little Superman" carrier with daily energy consumption of only 2 kW/h; G Ⅱ series electric forward moving forklift with high performance and high efficiency, and the maximum lifting height of the gantry can reach 12.5m; And a series of environmental protection and energy-saving products, such as high-performance lithium forklifts that save more than 15% energy, have no pollution and zero emissions, support fast charging mode, and have good stability of charging and discharging power supply. Take Heli LNG Container Stacker, which sells well in the world and is highly praised by port users in western developed countries, as an example. It uses clean and environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas as fuel. Compared with diesel vehicles, its particulate emissions are zero, CO emissions are reduced by 50%, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by 80%, and various pollutants are reduced by about 40%, fundamentally reducing the pollution and harm of operations to the environment

in the future, with the increasing proportion of electric forklifts in the global market, Anhui Forklift Group will fully integrate and make use of mobile Internet information technology, firmly focus on the development direction of digitalization, intelligence, energy conservation and safety, focus on breaking through the three core components of battery, motor and electronic control, and manufacture high-quality green and environmental friendly products to feed back all customers at home and abroad, and repay the earth home on which all mankind depends

expand the whole industrial chain and lead the personalized needs of the international market. Up to now, the product type spectrum of the four categories of Anqing linkage accessories company has reached 990. The side shifter, rotator, pusher and puller and feeding shovel independently developed and launched by the company are widely used in papermaking, warehousing, tobacco, petroleum, chemical industry, smelting and other industries all over the world. At the 2014 Asia international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition, the GC external mounted Sideshifter exhibited by the linkage accessories company won the unanimous praise and favor of overseas merchants with its exquisite craftsmanship. In the future, linkage accessories will continue to adhere to independent innovation and serve customers, continue to meet the personalized needs of the market as the guide, produce all kinds of accessories attached to forklift trucks, carry out all-round, full coverage, multi-level market-oriented development, and form product differentiation

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