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Five highlights of the 2008 international soybean food processing technology and equipment exhibition

the wind vane of the soybean products industry - the 2008 China (Shanghai) international soybean food processing technology and equipment exhibition is about to open

the "2008 China (Shanghai) international soybean food processing technology and equipment exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as "China Soybean Food Exhibition") Co sponsored by the national soybean products professional committee and the China Japan Circulation Industry Development Committee and sponsored by Hangzhou Huayuan soybean products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yongde Food Machinery Co., Ltd. and Taizhou Zhonghe Machinery Co., Ltd, It will be grandly held in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center on April, 2008, in addition to bearing the pressure of declining subsidies

the exhibition has progressed very smoothly since its early planning and preparation. Although it is still more than a month away from the curtain, the registration is unprecedented, and the booth sales have basically ended; The organization of professional visitors is also proceeding in an orderly manner. Some local associations and relevant government departments have planned to organize professional visiting groups to seek applicable technologies and equipment at the exhibition and carry out professional exchange activities. Various media, including relevant media in Japan, also reported and introduced the exhibition, which has become a major event concerned and expected by industry people at home and abroad

the exhibition area of this exhibition is much larger than that of the first exhibition, occupying the East Hall of Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center, with an area of nearly 5000 square meters. At present, there are 89 exhibitors, including 65 manufacturers of soybean processing machinery and related equipment, accounting for 71%; There are 8 enterprises engaged in raw and auxiliary materials, accounting for 9%; There are 12 soybean food processing and technology enterprises, accounting for 14%; There are 6 relevant media, accounting for 6%. It is particularly noteworthy that Japanese enterprises are quite active in this exhibition, with 13 enterprises participating, accounting for 15%

this exhibition is of far-reaching significance to the development of soybean products industry in China and Asia. First, the exhibition can further enhance the brand awareness of most enterprises and broaden the road of China's famous brand of bean products. Second, promote the exchange of industry information, especially through the construction of domestic and foreign information exchange platforms, spread China's tofu culture, and promote and develop tofu processing technology all over the world; For enterprises to build production, supply, marketing channels and technical exchange platform. Third, promote the continuous improvement of the mechanization level of technology and equipment in China's bean products industry; Fourth, improve the food safety awareness of soybean products enterprises and further promote the standardized production of enterprises; Fifth, it can promote the development of the upstream industrial chain and increase farmers' income, drive the development of the downstream industrial chain consumer market and the improvement of relevant supporting equipment and technology, so as to promote the healthy development of China's soybean processing industry chain

five highlights of the exhibition

highlight 1: new trends in equipment

this exhibition brings together all large soybean product equipment manufacturing enterprises in China and Japan. With the industrialization process of China's soybean products industry, processing equipment has developed rapidly in recent years, especially since the first exhibition, many equipment enterprises such as Beijing kangdeli, Shanghai Yongde, Taizhou Zhonghe, Beijing rock, Harbin Fanya, Wenzhou Yongjin, Shanghai Wangxin, Shanghai Jimei, Shantou Yuedong, Shanghai Yiang, etc. have increased technological investment and continuously improved pulping, molding, cutting, packaging and other equipment, To shorten the distance from the world's advanced soybean processing equipment, we look forward to the appearance of domestic automatic pulping, automatic molding, automatic cutting and automatic folding equipment at this exhibition; In addition, we also look forward to Japan's 21st century, Dasheng machinery, makase, Takai production, Chuang Rong, Mitsuki production, and landers? Landswork, Harada industry, Minami and others showed the world's most advanced tofu manufacturing equipment at the exhibition

point 2: new development of bean products technology

for a long time, bean products processing belongs to an industry with low technical content and low added value. This phenomenon will change with the increasingly fierce competition among enterprises in the industry. If bean products enterprises want to survive in the long-term competition, they must constantly carry out technological innovation, produce products with high added value, and deal with the changing market environment. Therefore, The application of new technology in the processing of bean products will become more and more common

this exhibition is also a platform for the collection of new technologies and processes in the production of bean products

highlight 3: new hot spots in product development of leading enterprises

the development of the industry depends on the leading enterprises, and the development of leading enterprises depends on the continuous development of new products. Understanding the trend of new product development of leading enterprises will undoubtedly provide reference for the development and product positioning of enterprises. This exhibition and forum will bring together the top 30 soybean products enterprises in China to discuss the independent innovation of the industry and express their opinions on the development and positioning of new products

point 4: understand the new consumption trend of bean products

the pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, and consumption habits and preferences are constantly changing. Understanding the consumption trend of consumers is the wind vane of enterprise business decisions, and the consumption trend is largely guided by the relevant publicity of the industry. Affected by the consumption boom of soymilk by consumers in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, the consumption volume and consumption grade of soymilk by Chinese consumers are gradually improving, and various forms of high-temperature sterilized packaged soymilk are quietly rising; With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food began to develop in the direction of nutrition, safety, delicacy and convenience. Some leisure bean products with good taste, long shelf life and easy to carry are developing faster and faster. Want to feel the market trend? Then go to the exhibition in person

point 5: learn about the relevant national policies to avoid twists and turns caused by the pressure on the swing rod. 2008 is called the year of food safety. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China issued a notice that all 28 categories of food are included in the market access, and bean products should also be labeled with the "QS" sign, otherwise they will be investigated and dealt with; In addition, relevant government departments will be invited to introduce the renovation of a large number of small workshops in the bean products industry and the focus of the next step; Vigorously developing the processing industry of soybean products is also a measure to support China in solving the problems of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". At the same time, it is related to the dietary nutrition and structure of Chinese residents. Therefore, what new measures does the state take to support the release of soybean products enterprises after adding test pieces? This exhibition and forum will provide you with the best channel to grasp the development trend of the industry, understand the industry trends and the latest policies

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