How the hottest elevator enterprises face the cold

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How to face the cold winter?

at present, the elevator manufacturing industry is trapped in a series of domestic and foreign problems caused by cost fluctuations and declining demand. As a major user of steel, the elevator industry is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2018, and it is also facing demand pressures such as "the real estate market is depressed". As the most explosive elevator market in the world, China has more than 400 registered elevator enterprises. Under the pressure of fierce competition, the price of elevator products is declining every year

excessive inventory has also become an important problem that seriously affects the development of the elevator industry. On the surface, China's elevator market presents a prosperous situation of "booming purchase and sales", but in fact, it is in crisis, but users may encounter some common faults of large and small after buying equipment. It is also the place most related to ride comfort. At present, the vacancy rate of production capacity of China's elevator industry is nearly 50%. Most enterprises are far from reaching the economic scale. Similar to the "suicide" price war in the color TV industry, it may be repeated in the elevator industry in the future

for multinational enterprises optimistic about China's elevator market, what they need is a more long-term perspective. Although China is also facing the great challenge of macroeconomic recession, compared with the global economic situation, the production of wood plastic composite new materials operating in China still accounts for 1.5% of the world's total

in the past three years, China's elevator industry has "doubled" its production capacity, and today, it still maintains a high growth rate

in the economic curve, peaks and troughs always appear alternately, and cold winter and warm spring will begin again and again. To judge whether an elevator enterprise is excellent or not, we should not only look at its prosperity, but also pay attention to whether it can still maintain steady development when its industry and even the whole macro-economy are in recession. Tomorrow's China elevator will still be an important pillar of China's economy. For the manufacturing enterprises that once had a brilliant time and now have dark clouds, how to actively use more convenient and low-cost tools to obtain more orders, how to practice their internal skills and establish their own core technology, resources and brand strength are the most worthy of thinking and need to be practiced

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