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How can AI be popularized in terminals? AI engine cannot be less

when some views are still discussing AI as a follow-up and marketing gimmick, Ai Ai is quietly popularized in countless terminals and has become a standard configuration of intelligence. AI beauty, AI photography, AI voice assistant and other rich applications have gone from concept to function, and are raising intelligent terminals to a new stage of AI

How can AI be popularized in terminals? When Ai Ai has become the next hot spot in the current industry, OEM manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Yijia, oppo, vivo, hammer, black shark and so on have launched terminals with AI characteristics this year, and they have one thing in common, that is, they all adopt the "core" that represents the current level of AI, that is, Xiaolong mobile platform equipped with Qualcomm AI engine (AI engine)

qualcomm AI engine (AI engine) is the key for the terminal to popularize AI, and is playing the role of "enabler", so that AI plays an indispensable role in the popularization of terminals. Now, the intelligence equipped with Xiaolong mobile platform and supporting AI engine (artificial intelligence engine) has been able to provide users with a more convenient, intelligent and humanized experience in AI shooting, AI scene recognition, AI face recognition and virtual AI assistant

qualcomm AI engine and then check the product appearance and all aspects of performance (artificial intelligence engine) is a platform integrating efficient hardware, algorithms and software tools. The more flexible machine learning architecture is distributed on the heterogeneous computing cores of hexagon vector processor, Andrew GPU and kryo CPU, so that different terminal devices can flexibly call each processing unit. It can migrate AI reasoning from the cloud to the terminal, bringing users ultra fast speed, high-speed connectivity and super security, thereby significantly enhancing the user experience

Xiaolong platform has long begun to popularize AI in terminals, and its practice of AI on terminals has been the third iteration. The first generation artificial intelligence platform is Xiaolong 820, which realizes the neural network running on the CPU and adopts Caffe, the most mainstream framework in the commercial field at that time; The second generation AI platform is Xiaolong 835, which introduces neural processing SDK, optimizes the framework provided by Google and Facebook, and supports tensorflow and caffe2 on the terminal. These two frameworks used to run in the cloud. But after "loading" Xiaolong, once the neural network is trained, developers can choose the appropriate kernel from Xiaolong mobile platform to run. In addition, the offline tool can transform, optimize and quantify the model before the target runs. So after the launch of Xiaolong 835, intelligence began to enter the era of intelligent album management and face recognition, and became a new selling point of intelligence

last year, Qualcomm released the snapdragon 845 mobile platform equipped with the third generation of artificial intelligence. The application of AI in intelligence has ushered in the most mainstream upgrade. Subsequently, the most launched Xiaolong 710 is also equipped with a multi-core AI engine, AI engine. The combination of terminal and AI has begun to enter the honeymoon period. Whether it is Qianyuan machine or flagship machine, it has been labeled with AI, making AI more popular on terminals. Nowadays, AI engine (artificial intelligence engine) is blessed in Xiaolong 660, 7 series and 8 series products

taking the op equipped with AI engine (artificial intelligence engine) as an example, the new benefit of Po R15 dream mirror version is about 20million yuan per year. The AI Artificial Intelligence beauty camera with 20million pixels in front can accurately collect and analyze 296 personal face feature points, intelligently analyze the skin color, skin texture, age and other characteristics of photographers, and create a unique beauty scheme for end users through artificial intelligence. In addition, Ai Ai scene recognition is also supported, which can intelligently recognize 16 kinds of tags and 120 kinds of multi tag combination scenes. Through AI recognition, the terminal matches the best optimization scheme for different scenes, such as shooting the blue sky bluer, making the food more delicious and attractive

AI engine plays an important role in the popularization of AI in terminals. Qualcomm AI engine has covered the popular medium and high-end and even flagship intelligence in the market at present, and has become an important guarantee for the landing of Ai Ai in the terminal. Through AI engine, OEM manufacturers can better explore Ai Ai application scenarios, such as more natural AI beauty, more accurate intelligent voice assistant and more perfect AI knowledge map. Finally, with AI in the final 2) round sample diameter ф: With the popularity of 2 ~ 20mm terminals, AI engine will further promote the ubiquitous AI on the terminal side

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