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How Chinese printing enterprises cope with the current economic downturn

2010 is the most extraordinary year in China, and the development of China's economy has encountered a red light again. Serious inflation has spread to every corner of society, resulting in unprecedented labor shortage, land shortage, electricity shortage, price rise shortage, exchange rate shortage, competition shortage, etc. Overheated economy and rising prices have become the biggest problems of China's economy. As a result, the national economic macro policies have been gradually adjusted, from loose to stable, to the current tightening. The central bank raised the deposit reserve ratio seven times in a row during the year, reaching 22% so far, and raised interest rates three times in order to reduce the excessive economic growth and prices

however, this one size fits all macroeconomic adjustment policy has brought a huge impact on the development of China's economy, just like a fast-moving train suddenly braking, causing people in the carriage to shake and turbulence. I don't want to comment more on the root cause of this economic turmoil. The key lies in the country's ineffective measures and overreaction in response to the 2008 economic crisis, which has excessively increased the promotion of investment in one of the troika affecting China's economy. Blindly work hard and quickly, and the national investment attraction has made all walks of life with excess industries more surplus and chaotic. At the same time, prices, especially house prices, are rising, people's investment psychology is distorted, and economic investment is extremely hot. This hard landing response has brought hard injuries to China's economy, especially enterprises

it is in this economic environment that China's printing industry is once again facing turbulence and depression. In the first half of this year, I visited many regions in China and saw with my own eyes the depression of many small and medium-sized printing houses. In the first half of this year, printing houses generally felt that the living source was lower than that of the same period last year, and the pressure of enterprise management was increased. The specific manifestations are: low wages make it difficult to recruit people, the cost of labor increases, and some small businesses even the boss personally runs the machine for a long time; The price of raw materials is rising, and the operating expenses are rising, but the printing price is not rising but falling; The operating rate of machinery and equipment of many manufacturers is insufficient, and even some enterprises are generally dissatisfied with it. Many printing plants have poor market expansion, a vicious circle of operation, and marketing collection is very difficult. All these phenomena make the printing market in China, which is already seriously surplus and disorderly competition, face a brutal reshuffle

I think the current national macro-control and tight monetary policy will not be loosened in the second half of the year. The recession in some industries will further appear in the second half of the year. This objectively makes structural adjustments to China's surplus industries, and enterprises that do not adapt to the market and have excess capacity are bound to be eliminated

in view of this situation, how Chinese printing enterprises deal with the current recession and how to improve their survival and development ability in the inflationary environment, combined with the practice of small and medium-sized printing plants in some regions, I put forward five suggestions: confidence is the most important, strategy should be transformed, cost decisive, efficiency determines the universe, and the market is fundamental

confidence is the most important

as a printing enterprise, we must first establish strong self-confidence and maintain an optimistic attitude towards the current market situation and fierce competition. Confidence is more important than gold

economic development always presents a wave like development, with highs and lows. This is an irresistible objective parameter setting economic law. At present, the two uncertainties faced by the printing industry make printers very confused. One is that the future new technological revolution challenges traditional printing, and information technology and digital technology have had an impact on traditional printing; The other is that after the tightening policy, the recession of various industries has led to a decline in printing demand, which has a direct impact on the current printing industry. In the face of such uncertainty and recession, enterprises are required to analyze objectively and calmly, and cannot be intimidated by this situation

confidence is more important than gold, which is to hope that enterprise leaders can't focus too much on the immediate difficulties, but should focus on the future. Opportunities outweigh challenges in the printing industry. Although the new technological revolution gives people the feeling that mountains and rain are coming, the reform of the printing industry is a long-term process, and the economic difficulties we encounter are temporary. In the future, we are facing a huge market derived from the improvement of people's living standards. Our country still has a long way to go in the commercialization and urbanization. All these need printing, and the printing market will continue to develop and prosper in the future

therefore, as printers, we should have an indomitable belief, that is, to carry out the printing industry to the end. Enterprises should have a fearless spirit of sword. In the face of cruel competition, it is like the two armies meeting, meeting on a narrow road, and the brave wins. And, have an optimistic heart. We need to have a dialectical reverse thinking, that is, in an adverse situation, it is the best opportunity to develop, take full advantage of the difficulties of our competitors and surpass them

the bosses of small and medium-sized printing enterprises should not lose confidence and fighting spirit. They should look for opportunities, create opportunities, invest in timely and appropriate, adjust, innovate and transform. I'd rather die than wait for death. Only by constantly thinking and acting can printing enterprises survive

strategy should be transformed

in the face of the current fierce market competition, printing enterprises should learn to think strategically. Printing enterprise bosses should study and analyze the development trend and dynamics of the current printing industry, and think about how their enterprises develop. This is strategy should be transformed

the transformation of strategy requires the bosses of printing enterprises to make choices and grasp their own future. We should have a keen sense of smell and professional analysis of the changes in the printing market, have a loving and dedicated spirit to the printing industry, and have a down-to-earth attitude. In fact, this is the strategy of enduring loneliness and temptation

the law of the current printing industry, which leads to the difference of experimental results, is that the number of printing plants is constantly decreasing, the scale is constantly expanding, and the source of activity is constantly concentrated to powerful printing enterprises, which is the law of market competition. When we study this law, we should grasp the relationship between scale operation and specialization, and between characteristic operation and differentiation

strategic choice first needs to establish the cultural strategy of the enterprise, which is the key to condensing the combat effectiveness of the enterprise. If an enterprise boss wants to maintain the long-term development of the enterprise, he must first clarify the future vision, business values and the current and future development goals of the enterprise. Enterprises should have both small immediate goals and big future goals. Many printing enterprises do not even have strategic goals and directions, let alone a culture that unites the hearts of the people. Everything develops naturally. Such enterprises are most likely to be eliminated in the competition

strategic choice should also establish the core competitiveness of enterprises. At present, due to the low threshold of commercial printing, there will be a large number of enterprises pouring in, forming a fierce competitive situation. I carefully analyzed a large number of small and medium-sized commercial printing plants, and came to the conclusion that building the core competitiveness of enterprises requires printing plants to shift from market price war to customer value war, and focus on how to meet the needs of customers' unique value. This needs to analyze the value chain of enterprises, establish their own advantages, adopt the inclined barrel theory to their own advantages, enlarge the advantages of the value chain, and form the competitiveness that competitors cannot surpass, which is the core competitiveness. I think the current printing enterprises must study their own characteristics and differentiation, which is the key for excellent printing enterprises to break out of the siege and survive and develop

strategic choice is more about establishing the competitive advantage of enterprises, which is the famous three-dimensional focus, which is actually a strategic choice and abandonment, that is, how to be more attentive and focused than competitors. To be more attentive is to understand customer needs better than competitors and tap unique customer value; Being more focused means that you know better than your competitors to focus on customers, products or businesses, and market regions. Only by focusing on your strength, making a breakthrough, and creating greater value for customers, can you obtain customer loyalty

to focus on customers, we must first carry out customer segmentation and grasp core customers. Strategic customers are the core customers and the customers that bring you the most benefits. We should also selectively invest in opportunity customers and maintenance customers

focusing on products and businesses is product and business segmentation. We should consider which products and businesses to focus on, whether the current product and business structure is reasonable, and whether we should develop new products and businesses. Product and business focus for many small and medium-sized printing plants in China, the most taboo is diversification, that is, in the larger printing circle, doing everything, in fact, it must not do well, and eventually bring down the enterprise

focusing on the market region is actually to subdivide the market, that is, which markets you want to focus on, you should make a detailed analysis, determine the development priorities, and never put forces in the market region you determine at the same time and attack everywhere

strategic choice should also clarify the business strategy of the enterprise. This is to arrange the three-tier business chain. That is, for printing enterprises, we need to clarify what is the most profitable business today? What is the business that will make money tomorrow? What businesses should we consider the day after tomorrow? In fact, this is a problem of product and business development. In order to achieve sustainable growth, small and medium-sized printing enterprises must have today's fruit tree business (core business), tomorrow's seedling business (growth business) and the acquired seed business

I believe that small and medium-sized printing houses should learn to make strategic choices and give up, and take the road of specialization, boutique, specialization and differentiation suitable for their own development

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