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How can digital printing enterprises guide customers to digital printing

digital printing is gradually known and accepted by everyone because of its personality, variability, one piece printing, on-demand printing, and its quality gradually comparable to traditional offset printing. Neither the Graphic Express Printing Enterprises engaged in the digital printing industry for many years nor the traditional printers who passively buy digital printing equipment under the digital trend have a clear idea of how to make money with digital printing. According to statistics, the output value of digital printing in China accounted for 0.66% of the total output value of the industry in 2012, which shows that the development is unsatisfactory

the author has been engaged in digital printing for more than five years, and his experience is that digital printing has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, and the design has a natural connection with digital printing. Digital printing enterprises can start from the design of applicable materials: plastic plates, pipes, profiled materials, drive digital printing, and guide customers to digital printing. As designers face customers directly, mutual trust is established after cooperation, which makes it possible to guide customers appropriately. Traditional printing enterprises are mostly processing enterprises, which generally do not have the design ability, which also provides opportunities for digital printing. Combined with the actual situation, the author believes that digital printing enterprises can guide customers from the following aspects

determine the reasonable printing volume

due to many links and complex processes, traditional printing is bound to have the same volume and price, and all work prices are calculated as 3000 sheets. Printing enterprises tell customers that the unit price is low and cost-effective when printing more. Generally, there are only more than 100 participants in the meeting. More than 100 copies of invitation letters, table cards, gift bags, information compilation, conference guides and other materials are enough. Printing more than 100 copies is undoubtedly a waste. A piece of digital printing from printing can show its talents. For another example, when students organize activities, they should not only do poster publicity, but also print program lists for the convenience of the audience, which can be calculated pertinently, and only print and distribute them to important guests and performers, so as to save costs and achieve targeted publicity effects

through digital printing, the publicity materials of small and micro enterprises can spend money on the cutting edge, print as much as they use, without inventory pressure, and update the content at any time according to market demand. At the same time, for digital printing enterprises, the mastery of digital content not only improves the output value, but also increases the stickiness of customers, and the number of repeat customers increases greatly. Similar projects include Party memorials, personal collections, genealogies, recipes, etc. it is better to tailor your clothes to guide customers to print a reasonable number of products

for example, a corporate brochure printed by Nanjing four color express for an architectural design company in Jiangsu has the following characteristics through digital printing. Irregular printing: each time only for special customers, and write the customer's unit, name and honorific name on the title page; Update at any time: the successful design cases of customers are constantly updated, and the content is increased and reduced at any time; The quantity of printing is uncertain: the quantity of printing is determined according to the customers received; The printed content is uncertain: the album includes the basic information of the company, partners, the year of the work, etc., of which the case part includes 9 pieces of content, such as urban planning, office buildings, industrial buildings, etc. each time, the specific case content is only provided for the needs of the customers. It is not necessary to put all of them on it, which saves costs, and the products are always printed and new. In addition, the way of binding is also flexible: including hardcover, paperback, gift box, etc. This enables the digital printing enterprise to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the company. In more than three years, it has produced more than 400 sets of 3-5 copies each time, which better meets the needs of customers and brings stable income to the company

using special media

everyone knows printing, but ordinary customers don't know what kind of media to use for printing. Designers do not study, the printing plant plans to save trouble, convenient stock, and good quality control. This is also the reason why it is common in the printing market that either coated paper or special paper for books and periodicals

with the progress of digital printing equipment technology, more and more materials can be printed. According to the information provided by canon, Canon c7010vp can print more than 2000 materials; HP's indigo5600 has more than 3000 kinds. Digital printing equipment is simple to test and easy to use. Guiding customers to use special media through design will undoubtedly give customers a refreshing feeling

an enterprise in Hefei used a digital ink-jet printer to customize 500 sets of cultural gifts for a company, using manual rice paper and traditional Chinese typesetting and binding, with a total price of more than 100000 yuan. A quick printing enterprise in Nanjing used indigo for innovative printing of silk, PVC and other materials, which was highly praised by customers. Nanjing four-color fast printing has more than 50 kinds of art paper, and a special art paper library is set up for designers according to their preferences, which not only increases customer stickiness, stabilizes cooperation relations, but also increases product added value. The invitation letter designed by a Changchun express printing enterprise for a conference is red touch paper plus Yashang paper, and the car line is sealed with fire paint. It is not simple, noble or expensive, which is impressive

in the invitation letter entrusted by ideal (China) Nanjing branch to us, the customer asked: fully understand the stippling application of their machine, and integrate the characteristics of digital printing, so that the invited customers will be deeply impressed with the machine. The final work highlights the characteristics of the equipment, such as stippling and charging according to the amount of ink used. The lines of Thin Fonts and lotus vector graphics are extremely exquisite and fashionable. The envelope uses color inkjet paper to reflect that the machine is an inkjet printer, which has good performance on special paper. The inner page is printed with rice paper, which shows the application of the machine on special paper. The number used in the lottery ticket, the name and position of the submitter are variable data, reflecting the characteristics of digital printing. The customer's response was good, and this invitation letter was adopted for the national tour of new equipment

use advanced technology

every industry exhibition, we can see the innovative applications launched by equipment manufacturers. The key depends on how equipment users use them. Only through the guidance of designers, printing customers can apply these technologies. Taking variable data as an example, the development of digital printing has gone through several stages. The most epoch-making innovative application is variable data printing, which is widely used in some specific industries, such as envelopes, letters, bills, notices and other products of post offices and banks, but it has not flown into the homes of ordinary people. The key is insufficient guidance

for example, song Zuying's singing a folk song to the party at the Nanjing concert requires a large number of work permits. From the general director to the security personnel, there should be not only photos, but also more than 3000 copies of personalized information such as number and name. The advertising company that undertakes it uses AI software to typeset one by one. Three designers work overtime for three days to complete it. The amount of data generated is huge, and the production is very troublesome and time-consuming. In fact, with variable data software, the typesetting can be completed in one hour, and the amount of standard exchange data exported is also very small. As long as the original data is accurate and standard, the result must be safe and accurate

this year's example is the marketing campaign of personalized label Coke bottles made by Coca Cola company. Eight label enterprises across Europe participated in the production with 12 indigo WS6000 series digital printers combined with traditional printing technology, and completed 800million different personalized bottle body labels in 24 hours, day and night, and three months, creating the latest record of the workload of indigo WS6000 series digital printers. Of course, this is not the business that ordinary digital printing enterprises can undertake to avoid specimen slippage and fracture in the fixture, but digital printing enterprises should be inspired by the case and actively seek and guide such customers. Chen yanru, director of the China Institute of Printing Science and technology, commented that digital printing is not the subversion of printing technology, but the subversion of printing business

for another example, the application of QR code is increasingly accepted by customers. Konica Minolta company cooperates with fast printing enterprises to establish a background marketing point station. Customers can obtain corresponding points every time they scan QR code. On the one hand, it brings a win-win brand effect to equipment manufacturers and fast printing enterprises, on the other hand, it also makes printing customers become loyal fans of enterprises

using special processes

in traditional printing, bronzing, UV, die cutting, film covering and other applications can increase the added value of products, which has been accepted by the majority of users. However, customers know little about the special process application in digital printing. EFI's Witt UV flat-panel printing, Fuji Xerox's transparent ink, Kodak's outstanding printing texture effect, scodix's magical UV effect, Indigo's white ink and gold and silver spot color, almost every equipment manufacturer has launched keeping clean according to the market demand (it's best to clean after completing the experiment every time); The sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean. The refreshing digital printing process has become an important selling point for equipment upgrading and maintaining high prices

what is the actual situation? Fuji Xerox's color 1000press with transparent ink is mostly sold by removing the transparent toner system and turning into color800; Indigo5600 white ink is still a few cases provided by the manufacturer, which rarely have an impact on direct customers; Witt's flat-panel printing only replaces the traditional inkjet photo, and many digital printing enterprises can only fight for the price in the end

according to the data, in China, the application field of high-end and production-oriented color digital printing machines is relatively single. Commercial Express Printing accounts for half of the country. Therefore, digital printing enterprises can guide customers to use the special process of equipment, which can not only attract high-end exclusive users, but also improve product efficiency and increase enterprise profits

for example, children's photo albums are suitable for digital printing due to the small number of prints, but the market competition is fierce and the product homogenization is serious. When making children's photo albums, a photography agency in Nanjing found another way to use Kodak nExpress's local texture printing effect to highlight toys in children's hands, attract readers' touch, increase interaction, and make products more eye-catching and selling points

for another example, the sample volume of "research and Practice on the application of long roll digital printing extended paper", which won the only gold award in the digital printing category of the fourth China Printing awards, fully demonstrates the process characteristics that a digital printing equipment can print a length of 1.2 meters, and classifies and creatively applies common applications of digital printing, such as design, photography, art reproduction and so on. Let customers intuitively understand the length of media that the device can print, and can directly apply special forms such as page pulling in the design

a digital printing enterprise in Shanghai did not directly print the picture on the plastic aluminum plate as other printing enterprises do in the spray printing of exhibition boards for an automobile brand, but made full use of the function of stacking ink and then curing of the printing equipment, and processed the automobile pictures provided by the manufacturer in advance to simulate the concave convex texture effect of the automobile. At the same time, combined with the material of plastic aluminum plate, through hollowing out, the luster and material of plastic aluminum plate are used to express the metal texture of the car. The material and printing work together seamlessly, and the effect is amazing

help customers add value

the essence of printing is media. Printing must convey customer information, promote the brand, and finally achieve the purpose of sales transaction. As a representative of advanced technology, digital printing is no exception. Digital printing enterprises must first help customers plan from the standpoint of customers. The essence of design is to help customers plan. Generally speaking, our thinking path should be

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