How the hottest coating enterprises seize the mark

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How can coating enterprises seize the market share of building materials

How can coating enterprises seize the market share of building materials

June 30, 2014

[China paint information] with the improvement of the quality of the whole people, more and more people understand the truth that "respect others can win respect". In a civilized modern society, no one does not want to be respected, and respect does not only exist among relatives, friends and colleagues in China, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, but also between sellers and buyers

how can coating enterprises occupy the commanding height of the market

when the AQSIQ releases the quality sampling results of the coating industry every year, a group of enterprises, including large brand enterprises, unfortunately appear on the list. The frequent occurrence of product problems in coating enterprises shows that some enterprises are only concerned about money, impatient and rash, and neglect or even forget the fact that product quality is the lifeline of enterprises. For Chinese coating enterprises, it is time to reflect

the old saying goes, "sincerity is the way of heaven; sincerity is the way of man". Any paint enterprise that wants to occupy the market and get the recognition of consumers, society and industry, in the final analysis, it still needs to work hard on product quality and service. Any marketing link is based on the premise of having high-quality product quality. If there is no high-quality, because the domestic waste paper recycling is mainly box board corrugated paper and white paperboard, the product quality as a strong market backing, any marketing is in vain. At present, many enterprises have also recognized the form, made great efforts to strengthen their own construction, and enhanced their market competitiveness with high-quality products and humanized and considerate services

brand building is the only way

Chinese coating enterprises should strive to create independent big brands and occupy the international and domestic markets with brand differentiation, which is the only way for coating enterprises. At present, the products produced by the domestic coating industry have been in line with international major brands in terms of design concept, function, appearance and other aspects to promote the development of new material market utilization, and many qualities even exceed the international level. However, international big brands surpass domestic enterprises in terms of popularity and brand culture management, which leads to the brand effect of domestic enterprises is not obvious

quality is the foundation of enterprises.

product quality also affects the brand effect of enterprises in the hearts of consumers. Only when the product quality is guaranteed, can we carry out long-term brand promotion based on quality, speed up and enhance the publicity of word-of-mouth, and achieve the desired brand effect. In the past two years, there have been countless problems in the household, kitchen and bathroom, coating and ceramic industries. "Poison pot door", "paper coffee table", "Da Vinci", "Anxin floor drug-related" all kinds of social public opinion storms caused by quality problems emerge in endlessly

the establishment of a brand takes several years, decades, and a lot of effort, but the collapse of a brand is very easy, even in a moment. Quality is the root, and brand is the leaf. Only when the root is deep can the leaves flourish. We can't just seek the prosperity of branches and leaves, and refuse to be rooted thousands of miles away. If a brand wants to gain public praise in the hearts of consumers, it must grasp the quality of its products, improve its core competitiveness, and make its products truly applicable to consumers

service is the source of enterprise development

good after-sales customer service is the slogan that every brand is constantly shouting every day, but there is no systematic and perfect service charter and service network, and all slogans that are frequently used for a long time can lead to fuel reduction or evolution are pale and weak. Service is to think about what customers want and be anxious about. The establishment of service system is to establish the whole customer chain from target customers - intended customers - prospective customers - transaction customers - using customers - old customers - loyal customers to establish different stages and use different ways to serve customers, so that consumers are moved by every detail of the brand all the time

with the arrival of the major adjustment of the coating industry, no matter what results will be brought to different coating enterprises in the future, active personalized and effective attack should be the direction for all coating enterprises to find individual answers

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