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In recent years, the social ownership of agricultural water pumps in China has increased significantly, especially the small agricultural water pumps represented by submersible pumps and self-priming pumps, which are favored by the majority of users because of their low price and easy operation. However, due to the large number of small water pump manufacturers, the technical force converts the change of resistance into voltage through Wheatstone bridge, or the oil supply pressure of the electric pump gradually rises with the increase of load force. The product quality varies greatly, and many users encounter the problem of selection and purchase. Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to master some common sense of purchase and use when purchasing pump products:

1 Select standardized water pump

the so-called standardized water pump is the latest model of water pump formulated and implemented by the state according to the requirements of ISO. Its main features are small size, light weight, excellent performance, easy operation, long service life and low energy consumption. It represents the latest trend of the current water pump industry

when users choose water pumps, it is best to go to the sales point recognized by the agricultural machinery department and be sure to recognize the manufacturer. It is suggested that priority should be given to the purchase of water filled submersible pump, and the brand and product quality certificate should be clearly seen. Never buy "three noes" (i.e. no manufacturer, no production date, no production license) products, otherwise, users will be helpless if problems occur

as a user, it is difficult to make a decision due to the limitations of professional knowledge. The best way is to consult experts in water pumps. It is also advisable to consult some old water pump users, especially those with similar service conditions. These users are trustworthy, reliable in quality and stable in performance; Cooked products are a wise choice. At the same time, single-phase pump or three-phase pump shall be used according to the local power supply

2. Select the pump that meets the lift requirements

the so-called lift refers to the required lift, not the lifting height. It is particularly important to clarify this point for selecting the pump. The pump lift is about 1.15 ~ 1.20 times of the lifting height. If the vertical height from a certain water source to the water consuming place is 20m, the required lift is about 23 ~ 24m

when selecting the pump, it is better to make the head on the nameplate of the pump close to the required head, with a general deviation of no more than 20%. In this case, the pump has the highest efficiency, is more energy-saving, and will be more economical to use. If the lift on the nameplate is far less than the required lift, the water pump often can not meet the needs of users. Even if it can pump water, the water volume is pitifully small. But on the contrary, when the high head pump is used for low head, the flow will be too large, resulting in motor overload. If it runs for a long time, the motor temperature will rise, and the winding insulation will gradually age, or even burn the motor

3. Select the water pump with appropriate flow

the flow of the water pump, that is, the water output, generally should not be too large, otherwise it will increase the cost of purchasing the water pump. It shall be selected as required. For example, the self-priming water pump used by the user's family, the flow shall be smaller as far as possible; For example, the submersible pump used for irrigation can be appropriately selected with larger flow

4. The key to purchase agricultural water pumps

1) purchase water pumps according to local conditions. There are three types of commonly used agricultural water pumps, namely centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump. The centrifugal pump has high lift but small water output, which is suitable for mountainous areas and well irrigation areas; Axial flow pump has a large water output, but the lift is not too high, which is suitable for use in plain areas; The water output and head of mixed flow pump are between centrifugal pump and axial flow pump, which is suitable for use in plain and hilly areas. Users should choose and buy according to local ground conditions, water source and lifting height

2) the pump shall be properly selected for exceeding the standard. After determining the type of water pump, its economic performance shall be considered, and special attention shall be paid to the selection of pump head, flow and supporting power. It must be noted that the head (total head) indicated on the label of the pump is different from the outlet head (actual head) in use, because there will be a certain resistance loss when the water flows through the water delivery pipe and near the pipeline. Therefore, the actual head is generally 10% - 20% lower than the total head, and the water output is correspondingly reduced. Therefore, in actual use, it can only be estimated according to 80% ~ 90% of the lift and flow indicated on the label. The matching power of the water pump can be selected according to the power indicated on the label. In order to make the water pump start quickly and use safely, the power of the power machine can also be slightly greater than the power required by the water pump, generally about 10% higher; If the power is available, the matching water pump can be selected according to the power of the power machine

3) purchase the water pump strictly. The "three certificates" shall be verified when purchasing, namely, agricultural machinery promotion license, production license and product inspection certificate. Only when the three certificates are complete can the purchase of obsolete products and inferior products be avoided

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