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Alibaba cloud launched cloud and artificial intelligence solutions in Europe

Alibaba cloud, the cloud computing Department of Alibaba group, launched eight products from big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to infrastructure, security and private cloud solutions at the mobile world conference held in Barcelona, Spain today. This series of products will meet the huge demand of European enterprises for powerful and reliable cloud computing services and advanced artificial intelligence solutions, and help them seize the opportunity of 3D printing in the current digital transformation era. By combining these products with the expertise and practical experience provided by Alibaba cloud, customers can quickly launch their high-end solutions, especially in the fields of online and offline zero email: n@ sales integration, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent city development

these new products for European enterprises can be divided into several interrelated categories. In terms of data technology and artificial intelligence, Alibaba cloud has launched three main product image search solutions to enable users to use image search and offline information; Intelligent services robot is a kind of commercial chat robot; Dataphin is an intelligent data engine designed to meet the needs of cross industry big data development, management and application

infrastructure and security are still very important as the foundation and basic consideration of cloud migration for enterprises. Therefore, Alibaba cloud has launched the elastic cloud server (ECS) bare metal instance, which is a new ECS high-performance computing solution. It has the advantages of both virtualized systems and bare metal servers. When connected as a supercomputer, the ECS bare metal instance becomes a supercomputing cluster, which can reduce the network latency to microseconds and provide scalable elasticity and supercomputing capabilities

the company will also launch its next generation intelligent cloud enterprise network (CEN) and vulnerability discovery service for high-performance security solutions. For European enterprises seeking an extensible hybrid cloud service platform, Alibaba cloud will launch the international version of Apsara stack, which has a reliable market use record in China for three years and has been successfully adopted by more than 120 enterprise customers

Yeming Wang, general manager of Alibaba cloud Europe, said that Alibaba cloud hopes to become a promoter of technological innovation in Europe and help enterprises carry out business. The World Mobile Congress in Barcelona provides us with a great opportunity to propose ④ makee formula, so that we can revitalize the European strategy and consider how to make greater contributions to the digital transformation of enterprises in different industries in this market through our products and expertise

these new products bring advanced big data and artificial intelligence functions supported by Alibaba cloud's powerful computing capabilities to Europe for the first time. There have been many successful cases of complex data intelligence solutions in China and the world, and they have provided proof of concept. Image search is widely used in a variety of scenarios in China, including the new retail concept of seamless integration and offline retail. Intelligent service robots served more than 40million customers in a single day during the double 11 global Shopping Festival last year. Dataphin, an intelligent data creation and management system, currently manages 95% of the data of the entire Alibaba group and promotes the revision methods of the group's business ecosystem from retail to financial, logistics and electronic universal experimental machines? All kinds of data intelligence innovation including transmission and health

wang added that the decision-making on how enterprises operate in the digital age is becoming more and more strategic. In order to meet their changing needs, we can use our accumulated practical experience of digital transformation and success in China to help European enterprises. These advanced solutions will benefit organizations in various industries and bring them true local and global connectivity. For Alibaba cloud, this is the true meaning of inclusive technology

to ensure that the company has the ability to develop and expand its products and services in the digital age to meet customer needs, Alibaba cloud is investing in cloud computing services and digital infrastructure in Europe. It opened the first availability zone in Frankfurt, Germany, in november2016, and recently started the operation of the second availability zone in the same region. In order to better serve European customers, Alibaba cloud is establishing a technology ecosystem with European partners such as Vodafone in Germany, met office in the UK and station f in France

new products and solutions will be displayed at Alibaba cloud booth (booth 1a70, hall 1) during the entire Mobile World Congress from February 26 to March 1, 2018

eight product profiles released by Alibaba cloud at the world mobile conference:

image search integrates the world's first built-in function of searching images by text with the support of AI and machine learning. It is the first similar solution provided by public cloud service providers. From clothing to cars, image search can improve customers' shopping experience through simpler and more accurate online and offline product matching

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intelligent service robot provides an intelligent solution for customer communication. It supports text and voice replies in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish. The chat robot can learn from existing chat records and ongoing conversations to provide more accurate and comprehensive answers

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dataphin is an intelligent data engine designed to meet the huge demand for big data business scenario analysis. By digitizing the process from data import to data analysis, the solution can help users save time and cost of data analysis, provide enterprises with comprehensive big data solutions and maximize data value

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ecs bare metal instance is an innovation designed by both hardware and software. It uses virtual cards to hijack the hypervisor and maintain the virtual bare metal resource status of the host server. Therefore, it has the advantages of both virtualized systems and bare metal

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supercomputing cluster can connect multiple ECS bare metal instances and high-speed networks, maximize the comprehensive performance of virtual and hardware infrastructure, reduce network latency to microseconds, and provide flexibility and supercomputing capabilities

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vulnerability discovery service is a network vulnerability scanning service based on SaaS. It can use information sources to adaptively discover network assets, such as domains, sub domains, IP, ports, protocol services, and web components. It can continuously assess the weaknesses of these assets and other types of security deficiencies

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apsara stack provides enterprises with an extensible built-in hybrid cloud service platform with disaster recovery function. It has a reliable market use record in China for three years, and has been successfully adopted by more than 120 enterprise customers. The company will launch the international version on this basis

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Alibaba cloud () was established in 2009 and is the cloud computing business branch of Alibaba group. According to Gartner research, Alibaba cloud is one of the top three IAAs providers in the world; According to IDC research, Alibaba cloud is the largest public cloud service provider in China. Alibaba cloud provides a comprehensive cloud computing service suite for global enterprises, including merchants, start-ups, enterprises and government organizations in the Alibaba group market. Alibaba cloud is the official cloud service partner of the IOC

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