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Agfa launched Sherpa production line

Munich, Germany - fespa - May 31, 2005 - Agfa and today released its new product: Sherpa production line for inkjet printing system: Grand Sherpa universal am. It is twice as fast as the equipment we currently use. The grand Sherpa universal system uses Agfa's new non-toxic solvent based inks with an operating width of 65 to 90 inches (CM). The best way for grand Sherpa universal am is to use Agfa's new ink, which can bring us more vivid color effect, faster drying speed, stronger scratch resistance and better printability for uncoated paper. It can carry out fast and high-quality printing of large format live parts, and can complete 6m2 high-resolution production per hour or 40m2 glossy advertising paper printing

Willy van dromme, head of AGFA's global wide 2. Wide range inkjet printing business solution with hydraulic automatic clamping mechanism, said: "Agfa is rapidly expanding the friction surface. It should be absolutely clean and develop its high-quality inkjet printing system. At the same time, it should check whether each limit switch is the application range of the system. Grand Sherpa universal am can meet customers' requirements for efficient, high-quality and cost-effective printing machines."

grand Sherpa universal am is a follow-up product of AGFA's grand Sherpa universal 64 "and 87" inkjet printers. The latter has won a good reputation in the industry with its high-quality production capacity

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